New Community design, support improvements and connector improvements including Teams and SharePoint

This week the first set of changes announced in the October Release Notes are available, starting with Admin Analytics, and Power Query integration.

As Microsoft Flow adoption grows within the enterprise, customers have expressed a need for greater visibility into how their organization is using Microsoft Flow. Administrators can now explore analytics related to executions, usage, sharing, and error details. Read more about this new feature in this detailed blog post. In addition, this week we are releasing a new Power Query experience that will allow makers to shape data mashups from SQL Server. Read more on Thursday to learn about this awesome feature. Besides these two big features we have several other new experiences available this week.

Finding what you need just got easier in the Flow Community

The redesigned experience for the Flow Community is up and running! The team has been working to deliver a whole host of improvements, most notably, the new navigation. With just a few simple clicks you can find what you are looking for. Scroll down the community page and you will see a clean and simple layout with a better placement of content. The updated design should allow you to effortlessly navigate and find what you need.

Look around at the refreshed site and give us your feedback. Go here to let us know what you think.

Open Flow support tickets in the Power platform admin center

If you encounter issues when you’re building or running a flow, or encounter any other issue while using Microsoft Flow, your administrator can open a support ticket from the Power platform admin website (the same place that they can open tickets for Dynamics 365). Support tickets opened from the admin website can now contain additional details about your user account plan and the broken flow, where applicable. These details are sent to Microsoft support engineers to help them resolve issues more quickly than in the past.

Improvements to the Microsoft Teams connector

When we released the Flow app for Microsoft Teams you could use the Flow bot to make a Flow button run. Now, you can have automated flows that run in response to events in Teams channels automatically with two new triggers:

  • When there's a new message in a channel – This operation triggers when a new message is posted to a channel in a Team.
  • When you are @mentioned in a channel – This operation triggers when a new message is added to a channel in a Team, that mentions the current user.

This is another example of how we listen to your ideas on the Flow Ideas forum. Earlier this month we addressed the #1 idea – customizing who an approval comes "from" – and this feature is the #2 idea. Please keep voting on ideas on the community to help us know what to work on next!

More SharePoint actions

There are several new actions available for SharePoint. First, there is a set of operations that can be used to Copy or Move content (as a single operation without downloading the files into the Flow):

  • Copy file
  • Copy folder
  • Move file
  • Move folder

These actions also have a new option for handling if there is already a file or folder in the destination; you can choose from creating the file with a new name, failing the action, or replacing the existing file. 

Second, there is now a new operation to Create a sharing link for a file or folder, just like we have for OneDrive and Azure Blobs. Finally, there are two more operations for getting additional data: Get all list and libraries, and Get folder metadata.

Three new connectors

Finally, there are three new connectors available this week:

  • AppsForOps – Apps to automate your business operations. Run a better business today.
  • K2 Workflow – Use the K2 Workflow API service to remotely work with workflows and tasks.
  • TeleSign SMS – TeleSign SMS enables apps to send global text messages. Add as another communications channel to send alerts, reminders, notifications, invites, marketing messages and more.