2 New Verified Connectors and 10 Updates released in July 2022

Welcome to the monthly newsletter! We are happy to announce that in July, we launched 2 new verified connectors and 10 updates from different service owners. These connectors have solutions and tools for Business Management, Collaboration, and much more. You can view all the details and highlights below.

Thank you, all our partners, for this great partnership, and we look forward to partnering with many more companies providing wonderful solutions in the future.

New connectors


Microsoft Bookings 

Microsoft Bookings connector is built with the purpose of extending Booking appointments with other functionalities that power platform has to offer. Have you ever looked for custom workflows which you have wanted to build for your customers when they make an appoint with your business, like, Booking a Zoom meeting along with an appointment, Integrating a payment method using Sripe, Uploading customer data to a CRM system, sending out welcome emails? Booking connector is a solution for these asks. With this connector we are exposing all appointment booking actions – like Create/Update/Delete of Bookings.

Visit the Microsoft Bookings connector documentation to learn more.


Secret Server 

Delinea Secret Server is an enterprise-grade, privileged access management solution that is quickly deployable and easily managed. With Secret Server, you can automatically discover and manage your privileged accounts through an intuitive interface, protecting against malicious activity, enterprise-wide. With the help of our Power Automate connector you can get secrets by ID, get a single secret template or retrieve/refresh access token. Visit the Delinea documentation to learn more

Nonna Vilk, Product Manager Integrations

Visit the Secret Server connector documentation to learn more.

Updated connectors

There are 10 connectors that have updates:

  1. Airmeet
  2. airSlate
  3. d.velop
  4. Document Merge
  5. Envoy
  6. FedEx Dataworks
  7. GetAccept
  8. Impexium
  9. Short URL
  10. SignNow

Below are few of the most significant updates.


The d.velop platform is your centralized access to all your data and documents via one single system, your business information hub!

Say goodbye to manual filing, managing physical documents, and unstructured file folders. Say hello to your new efficient digital document management system (EDMS).

The d.velop Power Automate connector enables you to seamless integrate the d.velop information hub and business process automation platform into your heterogenous environments to overcome data silos and turn your environment into a powerful central platform for all your documents and business processes throughout your company.

Andre Thesker, Product Manager, d.velop AG

Visit d.velop connector documentation to learn more.


Document Merge

Document and Mail Merge is the simple, fast and clean way to merge SharePoint / Microsoft 365 list data into predefined Word, Excel and PowerPoint document templates with NO CODE!

Try the Document Merge connector now – here.

Visit Document Merge connector documentation to learn more.



Envoy’s workplace platform has redefined how companies welcome visitors, keep employees safe, book desks and conference rooms, and manage deliveries in over 16,000 locations around the globe by designing products for a flexible workplace experience. The Envoy Connector update adds more trigger events on top of “invite created” in Power Automate including “entry created”, “desk booked,” and “desk checked in”. It also fixes bugs when triggering events occur in Envoy.

Visit Envoy connector documentation to learn more.



GetAccept provides a sales enablement platform for sales to design, send, promote, track, and e-sign sales documents, leveraging sales collateral, contract management, proposals, and electronic signatures in one place.

This latest connector update includes file name parameters for uploaded files to control automated conversions. There are also new actions added to list contacts and webhook subscriptions.

Jonas Blanck, CTO, GetAccept

Visit GetAccept  connector documentation to learn more.


Short URL

Create, update or delete Short URL (Short Links, Tiny URLs) using a custom domain with Click Analytics for any link using the Short URL connector. The connector is a companion of a Short URL for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Short URL allows the creation and use of vanity and shortcut hyperlinks fully integrated within SharePoint and Microsoft Teams!

Try the Short URL connector now – here.

Visit Short URL connector documentation to learn more.



Interested in submitting your connector? Visit our documentation and our GitHub repository to learn how to get started.