Process advisor learning materials added to RPA in a Day training

On December 9th, 2020, we announced the preview of process advisor, a process mining capability included in Power Automate.

Process advisor allows organizations to identify process bottlenecks and discover automation opportunities through collaborative recording and analysis processes. This results in rich process maps being created, backed by in-depth analytics.

To accelerate customer automation opportunities, we have updated our RPA in a Day content to include process advisor. As part of this refreshed content, we have integrated process mining into the lab content to provide an end to end journey of identifying automation opportunities and subsequently executing on those opportunities using Power Automate.

The updated RPA in a Day content is now available for download.

The complete agenda of RPA in a Day is now:

Module 1: Overview and prerequisites

Module 2: Identify automation opportunities and process bottlenecks using process advisor (new)

Module 3: Build your first Power Automate Desktop flow

Module 4: Use input and output parameters

Module 5: Trigger your Power Automate Desktop flow

Module 6: Integration with Outlook connector

Module 7: Use AI builder to process invoice forms

Module 8: Create approvals using Microsoft Teams connector and adaptive cards

Module 9: Web and Microsoft Excel Automation using Power Automate Desktop

Module 10: (Optional) Run Power Automate Desktop flows in unattended mode

Download the RPA in a Day content today and get started with process mining and robotic process automation.