13 New Verified Connectors and 14 Updates released in May 2022

Welcome to the monthly newsletter! We are happy to announce that in May, we launched 13 new verified connectors and 14 updates from different service owners. These connectors have solutions and tools for Content and Files, Collaboration, Business Intelligence, IT Operations, and much more. You can view all the details and highlights below.

Thank you, all our partners, for this great partnership, and we look forward to partnering with many more companies providing wonderful solutions in the future.

New connectors


Alkymi transforms enterprise workflows by placing machine learning and automation technology into the hands of business users, turning operational data headaches into a source of efficiency. Alkymi’s core products—Data Inbox and Patterns—allow businesses to extract, analyze, and take action on critical business data in emails and documents. The Alkymi connector allows you to easily access the data extracted from unstructured documents processed by the Alkymi app.

Visit the Alkymi connector documentation to learn more.



Cascade is a cloud-based strategic planning and execution platform for teams to plan, execute, measure, and adapt their strategy all in one place. Connect your Cascade workspace to the rest of your tools to always have the most up-to-date and relevant data that pertains to your strategy.

Visit the Cascade connector documentation to learn more.



Cyberday splits chosen security frameworks (e.g. ISO 27001, NIST CSF, ISO 27701) down to prioritized security tasks and guides you in implementing them directly inside Microsoft Teams. Manage your organization’s information security in a modern way.

With the help of our Power Automate connector you can connect other security tools to Cyberday to e.g. bring in information about important assets (e.g. data systems) or combine alerts to one single place. To try Cyberday free for 14 days, get started at https://cyberday.ai or get the app from Teams app store directly.

Aleksi Pulkkanen, COO, Agendium Ltd / Cyberday.ai

Visit the Cyberday connector documentation to learn more.


DomainTools Iris Enrich

Enrich On-Network Indicators at Scale: The DomainTools Iris Enrich API supports high query volumes of domain name attributes including Whois, DNS, SSL certificate, and risk scoring elements to help build out the needed context for appropriate disposition of indicators. It provides actionable insights-at-scale with enterprise-scale ingestion of DomainTools data on Microsoft Sentinel.

Visit the DomainTools Iris Enrich connector documentation to learn more.


DomainTools Iris Investigate

Map connected infrastructure to get ahead of threats. The Iris Investigate API delivers dozens of domain name attributes on every result including Risk Score, DNS, Whois, SSL, and more. It enables easy pivoting through different domain name attributes and exposes meaningful insights with connection counts on most data fields. It is best suited for human-scale interactions.

Visit the DomainTools Iris Investigate connector documentation to learn more.



Exasol’s analytics database delivers next-level performance, ease of use and choice of deployment for diverse analytics use cases. You can now use Exasol’s Power Apps Connector in Power Apps, Power Automate and Logic Apps, to read, create or alter data and run queries in your Exasol database.
If you want to find out more about how this can help you and how you can get started, check out the user guide.

Pieterjan Spoelders, Senior Software Engineer, Product Integration, Exasol AG.

Visit the Exasol connector documentation to learn more.


InQuba Journey

inQuba Journey offers a deep understanding into your customer journeys across channels and the ability to guide customer behaviour using real-time and personalised interventions.

Understand behaviour at moments of truth and drivers of channel choices by applying emotional context along a customer’s journey. Continuously optimise journeys for different segments of customers to ensure each customer goes through the most optimal journey.

The inQuba Journey Connector allows for seamless integration between your existing systems and the inQuba Journey platform. Easily send data through the connector to quickly visualize your customer journeys and gain insights into what your customers are saying and doing. The connector offers easy to use REST APIs that allow you to publish customer journeys and events that are consumed by the inQuba platform.

Prinay Panday, Head: Business Intelligence and DevOps

Visit the InQuba Journey connector documentation to learn more.


My Acclaro

My Acclaro is a portal that streamlines translation workflows for your enterprise from order creation through review.

Using the My Acclaro connector you centralize your localization efforts without leaving the Microsoft platform. You can create flows to keep your content translated: sending, monitoring, and retrieving it: create a translation request through MS Forms, an approval workflow using Microsoft Teams, etc.

Additionally, use the connector to retrieve volume and financial information from Acclaro to feed it to Microsoft PowerBI, helping your team to have a better understanding on their localization investment and effort.

Visit the My Acclaro connector documentation to learn more.


Progressus Advanced Projects

Use Progessus Advanced Projects connector to make OData calls to Progresssus Advanced Projects data.

Visit the Progressus Advanced Projects connector documentation to learn more.



Tribal Edge modules, such as Tribal Admissions, provide staff and students the tools they need to succeed in the world of education. Connect to Tribal Edge modules using the Tribal Connector to manage information, create clearance checks for applications, and much more.

Visit the Tribal connector documentation to learn more.



TuxMailer is a tool for email validation and marketing services.

Visit the TuxMailer connector documentation to learn more.


Uber Freight

Uber Freight is a logistics platform providing 24/7 access to truckload freight with instant quoting + booking, price transparency, and real time visibility.

Visit the Uber Freight connector documentation to learn more.



The Vineforce Power Automate Connector helps you build workflows by automating task creation and notifications triggered by actions in your favorite productivity apps. Automatically create tasks with checklists, attachments, and deep links and assign them to any team member. Use our notification action to send timely automated messages to your team via the browser or in MS Teams with Vinny, our Vineforce Bot!

Jason Murray – Founder/CEO

Visit the Vineforce connector documentation to learn more.

Updated connectors

There are 14 connectors that have updates:

  1. Aletheia
  2. ArcGIS
  3. ArcGIS PaaS
  4. DocuSign Demo
  5. Dokobit Portal
  6. GoFileRoom
  7. Impexium
  8. Lang.ai
  9. Recorded Future V2
  10. Resco Cloud
  11. Share-Effect
  12. SmartDialog
  13. Spring Global
  14. Verified

Below are some of the most significant updates.


The Aletheia connector was updated to leverage the new Stock Data V2 endpoint! This endpoint returns the quote data ~40% faster than the original V1 endpoint and no longer requires you to specify which type of data you are seeking (summary, statistical, financials, etc.). To save on bandwidth and improve response time even more, you can now specify the individual fields you would like returned and the returned payload will now be limited to these requested fields only.

Visit Aletheia connector documentation to learn more.



The ArcGIS Connector provides spatial actions such as geocoding addresses and boundary matching, routing, enriching data with new information, and data management of resources from your ArcGIS Online subscription. This update includes triggers to listen for edits and new actions that extend data management workflows to insert, update, and delete records hosted in ArcGIS Online.

Visit ArcGIS connector documentation to learn more.


ArcGIS PaaS 

The ArcGIS PaaS Connector enable you to automated workflows with the ArcGIS Platform. These actions allow you to leverage an API key to find address candidates, enrich data with demographics, and generate point-to-point routing. These actions allow you to bring spatial capabilities to your flows and extend your data pipelines and processes.

Visit ArcGIS PaaS connector documentation to learn more.


DocuSign Demo

DocuSign is the world’s #1 e-signature solution. With the DocuSign connector for Power Automate, securely send documents for signature and create customized, end-to-end workflows for agreement management. With the latest updates, you can create DocuSign envelopes, add documents, specify recipients, and pre-populate with data from other systems.

Visit DocuSign Demo connector documentation to learn more.


Dokobit Portal

The Dokobit Portal connector allows companies to automate electronic signature collection processes by setting up custom document workflows without having to do it manually each time. With this connector, you can easily manage document sharing, sequence of signers, and document download straight from your information system. With this update, you’ll also be able to adjust signature annotations and send reminders for signers.

Visit Dokobit Portal connector documentation to learn more.



GoFileRoom is a document management and workflow tool form Thomson Reuters for tax and accounting firms. Using the connector you can add and retrieve documents as well as manage user accounts. With this update of the connector you can now get, create, edit and delete workflows.

Calvin Leong Manager, API Strategy, Thomson Reuters

Visit GoFileRoom connector documentation to learn more.



Impexium’s membership management platform empowers associations to achieve more by creating amazing software power. We eliminate the need to use big, expensive SaaS platform solutions to deal with everyday problems by delivering low-code/no-code development, workflow automation, and business intelligence tools that streamline operations, reduce development costs and reliance on corporate IT, and improve business outcomes.

With the Impexium Power Automate Connector, organizations are able to work smarter by streamlining repetitive tasks and paperless processes, automating common business processes, reduce development costs and increase overall efficiency.

Our most recent update tripled the number of actions, triggers and workflows to various internal Impexium and third-part data sources.

Visit Impexium connector documentation to learn more.


Recorded Future V2

Recorded Future helps you to understand adversaries and their intent, what tools they are using, and who they are targeting. Our solution pack includes pre-defined logic apps, analytical rules, and workbooks so you can immediately start leveraging our powerful intelligence inside of Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. The latest version of our integration with Microsoft Sentinel has been updated to include 4 new feeds that can be used to detect IOCs (IPs, hashes, domains, and URLs) related to the Russia Ukraine conflict to support detection and response efforts of security teams. Learn more.

Visit Recorded Future V2 connector documentation to learn more.


Resco clouds

An advanced Azure Logic Apps integration available to partners.

Resco Cloud connector for Power Automate offers powerful integration options enabling you to connect with various 3rd party systems, databases or backends. And this connector gets even more powerful with Resco Summer Update.
We extend the availability of our connector to Microsoft Azure Logic Apps. It offers an advanced option for integration setup, better stability, and more robust tooling for finetuning the connection of various systems with Resco Cloud. 

Visit Resco clouds connector documentation to learn more.



Share-Effect helps you organize your Microsoft 365 environment with a unique metadata-driven solution. Provide your users with an easy way to classify and find content in Teams and SharePoint based on your ERP/CRM data.

Visit Share-Effect connector documentation to learn more.


Interested in submitting your connector? Visit our documentation and our GitHub repository to learn how to get started.