New Data Loss Prevention capabilities now Generally Available (GA)

We are excited to announce general availability of a range of new Power Platform Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy capabilities. New capabilities include a new enhanced user interface in the Power Platform admin center for defining DLP policies, which additionally enables the ability to block connectors as well as user interface support for including HTTP Connectors in DLP policies.

Intuitive DLP policy wizard in the Power Platform admin center

We are introducing a new intuitive user interface that enables you to configure DLP Policies in the Power Platform admin center user interface by providing a  wizard-like experience for a step-by-step DLP flow. We have added key attributes to the connector list like publisher, type/class,  documentation link, etc. Similarly, key attributes are added to environment list like type, region, created by, etc. These attributes make it easy for you to search, sort and bulk select and move connectors and environment across categories. The new user interface also provides a summary view for reviewing settings before committing your DLP changes. Since Public Preview, we have been enhancing the DLP Policies user interface allowing environment admins to view policies at an individual policy level

Ability to block connectors

This new, highly requested feature gives you the ability to block connectors in addition to the existing ability to classify connectors as ‘Business’ or ‘Non-business’. Based on the feedback received from preview customers, we have increased the list of blockable connectors to include several Microsoft-owned standard connectors. Connectors driving core Power Platform functionality (like Common Data Service, Approvals and Notifications) as well as connectors enabling core Office customization scenarios like Office Enterprise Plan standard connectors will remain non-blockable to ensure core user scenarios remain fully functional.  Alleviate your tenant’s security concerns by significantly reducing the connector exposure surface in broadly available environments such as the default environment.

HTTP Connectors’ parity in DLP UI

We have added the ability to classify HTTP connectors using the Power Platform admin center’s user interface. This makes it seamless to include built-in connectors – HTTP, HTTP webhook, and When a HTTP request is received – into DLP .

DLP documentation for admins

Detailed documentation about Power Platform DLP new capabilities can be found here –

We have many exciting governance features planned for the Power Platform over the upcoming months. Stay tuned!

We look forward to your feedback – DLP feedback form.