Rich text editing in Microsoft Flow and new partner connectors

Rich text editing in Microsoft Flow

We've added a new, rich HTML-based text editor that will help you write HTML-based emails. You can start using this today with the new Send an email (V2) action on the Office 365 Outlook and connectors:

This editor allows you to customize the font, use bold, italic or underline, customize the color and highlight, and create lists or links:

At this time, it doesn't support advanced capabilities like tables, but we will add additional capabilities in the future. We will also be adding this rich text capability to more connectors and actions soon, like: creating pages in OneNote, sending messages in Microsoft Teams, writing stories in Medium, and posting to WordPress

New connectors from partners

This week, partners have released four new connectors in Microsoft Flow:

  • Imprezian360 – A comprehensive suite of integrated technologies for sales-leads, order management and inventory designed for Quickbooks Desktop Editions.
  • Encodian – Enhanced document management and PDF creation capabilities for Office 365, Flow, Logic Apps + more
  • Soft1 – The Soft1 Connector provides an API to work with Soft1 ERP objects
  • Zahara – Zahara is a complete purchase management platform enabling paperless approvals for supplier invoices and purchase requisition.