Introducing the Power Automate plugin for ChatGPT

The Power Automate Plugin for ChatGPT allows you to create and run flows directly from within ChatGPT. Use the new Skills connector and Run from copilot connector to author flows that can be called from ChatGPT that leverage the over 1000+ connectors in Power Automate.


Get more done with Excel and Power Automate!

Excel’s new Automate tab allows you to tackle your automation needs quickly using Power Automate. All from within the same tab, you can build Office Scripts and enhance their capabilities using Power Automate. For example, you can connect your Office Script to one of Power Automate’s 800+ connectors like Outlook to send daily emails summarizing changes made to your workbook. Get creative, the automation possibilities are endless!

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Microsoft announces preview of new process mining capabilities within Power Automate

Today, we’re excited to announce the preview of new process mining capabilities from Minit available in process advisor within Microsoft Power Automate. In addition to the existing process advisor capabilities, Microsoft customers can now harness deeper insights to identify bottlenecks in processes to drive optimization and efficiencies with low-code automation.

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