Add-on allocation for Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, and AI Builder is now available

We announced in July licensing options for PowerApps and Microsoft Flow.  These are available to purchase from the Office admin center and you can now allocate add-ons in the Power Platform Admin center and use that add-on in the Microsoft Flow portal.

Admin center

After your purchase we have made it easy and scalable to allocate your add-ons to the environments that need the add-ons. In the Power Platform Admin center under capacity, a new section will appear if your organization has purchased add-ons.

 Example of purchased capacity in the admin center

Allocating add-ons starts with clicking “Manage” in the add-on section.  Then select an environment and specify the amount of each add-on you would like to allocate to each environment.

Example of managing add-on capacity for an environment

You can control who can allocate add-on capacity by selecting the gear on the top upper-right corner of the Power Platform Admin center and selecting “Only specific admins” under Who can allocate add-on capacity to environments.

By selecting this the following admins can allocate:

  • Office 365 Global admins
  • Service admins
  • Delegated admins

Flow portal

Once you have allocated capacity to an environment, you can choose which flows will be able to use that add-on. When you click on a flow, you’ll now see a new section in the details pane that tells you if the flow is assigned to the user, or, is part of the per-flow plan. The default for a flow is to use the license of the user.

To have a flow use the per-flow plan, select Edit in the details panel. You will then see the Name, Description and Plan that the flow uses. If your environment has the add-on allocated, you can move that flow to using the per flow plan. Otherwise, you will be told that you need to allocate capacity.

Once you update your flow, anyone will be able to use that flow, even if it leverages premium connectors, and, capacity will be dedicated to that flow.

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