2 New Verified Connectors and 12 Updates released in February 2023

Welcome to the monthly newsletter! We are happy to announce that in February, we launched 2 new verified connectors and 12 updates from different service owners. These connectors have solutions and tools for Communication, Marketing, Collaboration, Productivity and much more. You can view all the details and highlights below.

Thank you, all our partners, for this great partnership, and we look forward to partnering with many more companies providing wonderful solutions in the future.

New connectors



The Narvar connector is a simple utility that makes engaging messages for all the moments that matter and drive repeat customers by building trust and rapport through proactive communications every step of the way through the customer order journey. Build customer loyalty, through timely notifications on whether a shipment is delivered or delayed. Narvar also offers additional services like Ship, Track and  Return & Exchange.

More information about Narvar platform capabilities can be found at www.narvar.com.


Visit the Narvar connector documentation to learn more.



To build distributed applications and automated workflows fast, you need a robust and flexible Data platform (yes, a Data Platform not just a Database) that provides the necessary services and tools at the performance and scale users demand. MongoDB Atlas is the industry’s first unified developer data platform that allows you to accelerate and simplify how you build with data on Azure for any modern applications. With the MongoDB connector for Power Automate and Logic Apps, easily perform Read and Write (CRUD) operations or even run Aggregation Pipelines on MongoDB collections using Atlas Data APIs to seamlessly integrate the rich transactional data stored in MongoDB in your workflows. You can use the MongoDB certified custom connector on GitHub to build rich applications using PowerApps and MongoDB data.

Ready to get started? Check out MongoDB on Appsource to get started for free today.

Diana Annie Jenosh, Sr. Solutions Architect, Cloud Partner Solutions

Visit the MongoDB connector documentation to learn more.


Updated connectors


There are 12 connectors that have updates:

  1. ArcGIS
  2. ArcGIS PaaS
  3. Autodesk Forge Data Exchange
  4. Converter by Power2Apps
  5. DeskDirector
  6. iObeya
  7. JotForm Enterprise
  8. Partner Center Referrals
  9. tyntec Viber Business
  10. tyntec SMS Business
  11. tyntec WhatsApp Business
  12. WorkPoint

Below are some of the most significant updates.

Converter by Power2Apps

The Converter by Power2Apps allows you to easily convert common data formats to others (JSON to CSV, CSV to XLSX, File to PDF and many more). The focus here is on user-friendliness, in which the data structure is automatically detected.

In this context, the new “JSON to Excel” action can be highlighted, which automatically transfers the data structure into one or more spreadsheets in Excel. In addition, there are also the action “Regular Expression” and the action “Create Word (DOCX) File”, which allows Word files to be created and supplemented dynamically based on loops.

Visit the Converter by Power2Apps connector documentation to learn more.



In this latest update, iObeya has added several new features to further enhance its already robust functionality. Users can now easily update their gauges and images on boards, as well as create new rooms. Additionally, users now have even greater control over their QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery) indicators, with a new date verification tool that ensures KPIs are accurately aligned with the appropriate QCD board period. These new features provide Lean and Agile teams with even more powerful tools for visual collaboration and decision-making.

To get started with iObeya connector, see this quickstart.

Visit the iObeya connector documentation to learn more.


tyntec WhatsApp Business

tyntec’s communications platform provides both telephony services such as SMS and over-the-top channels such as WhatsApp to help businesses reach any mobile subscribers around the world. With the tyntec WhatsApp Business connector, you can send WhatsApp template messages directly from your flows. You can even send different content types such as photos, free-form text messages. For more details, please check out the tyntec WhatsApp Business doc.

Visit the tyntec WhatsApp Business connector documentation to learn more.


tyntec SMS Business

tyntec has built its own network infrastructure that’s connected to mobile operators around the world. With the tyntec SMS Business connector, you can reach over 5 billion unique mobile subscribers globally for time-sensitive one-time passcodes, notifications and custom messages. You can also get the delivery status right from your flows.

Visit the tyntec SMS Business connector documentation to learn more.


Interested in submitting your connector? Visit our documentation and our GitHub repository to learn how to get started.