12 New Connectors Released in January 2021!

We are starting off 2021 with the introduction of twelve new connectors to Power Automate. These connectors offer connectivity to a wide range of services and industries, including document management, sales, and compliance, just to name a few. Remember to check back next month for a rundown of the connectors that will come in February.

365 Training

“365.Training offers hundreds of hours of practical training content focused on Power Platform for learners of all skill levels and interests. Our connector allows you to build apps, flows, and chatbots that integrate with our learning platform. You can use the connector to stay current, enhance your Power Platform skills, or simply tailor your learning experience. Learn how you learn best.” – David Yack, Co-founder, 365.Training

Visit the 365 Training documentation to learn more.


“cioplenu is the software for digital work instructions and checklists in industrial companies. With cioplenu you can create interactive instructions, solve incidents, and drive continuous improvement in Quality Assurance, Maintenance and Assembly. With the cioplenu connector you can add new tasks from external sources to your cioplenu instance.” – Anian Ziegler, Head of Product, cioplenu GmbH

Visit the cioplenu documentation to learn more.


“Docurain is an enterprise-ready, form rendering engine that can handle all cases, from simple to complex control logic. Forms can be output as PDF, Excel, image, or SVG. It allows you to design forms in Excel, and supports functions, conditional formatting, and even shapes. Docurain also has a structured programming function equivalent to Excel VBA, allowing you to incorporate advanced control programs.” – Kazunari Takahashi, CEO, root42, Inc.

Visit the Docurain documentation to learn more.


“The E-goi connector brings seamless omnichannel marketing to Power Automate. Swiftly trigger any kind of customer-based automation straight from the Power Automate platform; go for a simple auto-responder or big, complex multichannel sales pipelines! Plug email, SMS, webpush and more into your customer life cycle workflow! Perfect for businesses looking to find their marketing automation strut.” – Miguel Azevedo, Integrations & Plugins Product Manager, E-goi

Visit the E-goi documentation to learn more.

Ephesoft Semantik For Invoices

“Accounts Payable (AP) automation should not be hard, and the document experts at Ephesoft have simplified the process with the Ephesoft Semantik For Invoices connector. Connect your Power Platform workflow and auto-extract invoice header and line item data using our advanced machine learning models. With unparalleled accuracy, and auto-validation, you can be up and running quickly and realize a rapid return on investment.” – Stephen Boals, SVP – Strategy and Evangelism, Ephesoft

Visit the Ephesoft Semantik For Invoices documentation to learn more.

Lettria GDPR Compliance

“The Lettria GDPR Compliance connector leverages the best of Natural Language Processing technologies to ensure your company is fully compliant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It automatically analyses free text comment areas in your Microsoft Apps (Office 365, Dynamics 365) to point out non-complying data (sensitive information regarding your customers, inappropriate comments). Our connector helps your entire organization comply with new data collection standards. It immediately displays alerts to all your users when they make a non-compliant comment, allowing them to train themselves on the new regulations. Finally, it facilitates and professionalizes the work of your Data Protection Officer by providing an interface for monitoring free comment areas.” – Charles Borderie, CEO, Lettria

Visit the Lettria GDPR Compliance documentation to learn more.


“Occuspace is changing the way businesses understand and control how their physical spaces are being used with an innovative occupancy tracking solution to provide a safer and more convenient visitor experience. Occupancy data can offer valuable insights as to how and when physical spaces are being used, from an entire building to the floor-level, with real-time and historical data that feeds business intelligence and enhances operational efficiencies like energy savings to space planning. Users can also leverage the Occuspace connector with Power Automate to keep track of their occupancy levels in real-time, get notified when their spaces go over a set target capacity or learn from past trends to better design their spaces.” – Nic Halverson, CEO, Occuspace

Visit the Occuspace documentation to learn more.


“Planview Projectplace is a project management and delivery collaboration service that makes it easy to visualize work and stay up to date with progress. With this connector, you can create your own customized workflows – e.g., synchronize work-related items between various apps or create customized notifications that meets the need of your project.” – Leila Rosenstråle, Director of Product Management, Planview

Visit the Projectplace documentation to learn more.

Public 360

“Public 360 is a leading case, document and record management system. With this connector, you have the ability to archive cases, documents and files into Public 360. It enables you to create easy-to-use archiving integrations with other platforms!” – Pranav Bilurkar, Senior Software Engineer, TietoEVRY

Visit the Public 360 documentation to learn more.

SAS Decisioning


“Companies must make thousands of decisions every day. SAS’s decisioning capabilities on the Viya platform combine powerful analytics and decisioning capabilities to efficiently augment and automate decision making at scale, and to ensure the best decisions are made every time, whether it’s identifying invoice fraud, routing service desk tickets, validating a claim, making a credit decision, or determining the next best creative to display. With the SAS Decisioning connector, you will be able to execute SAS decisions in your business processes and applications, enhancing them with advanced analytics to accelerate intelligent automation.” – Jonathan Wexler, Senior Manager – Decisioning, SAS Institute

Visit the SAS Decisioning documentation to learn more.

SkyPoint Cloud

“SkyPoint Cloud is a customer data platform (CDP) with integrated privacy compliance. SkyPoint collects and unifies disjointed customer data across silos, creating a complete 360-degree view of your individual customers. With the SkyPoint Cloud connector citizen developers can quickly and easily set up workflows based on the customer data entities available in the connector along with a series of triggers used to automate an abundance of customer-related processes, such as personalized customer messaging, customer service inquiries, or privacy requests.” – Tisson Mathew, CEO and Founder, SkyPoint Cloud Inc.

Visit the SkyPoint Cloud documentation to learn more.

TPC Portal

“The Portal Connector is a flexible platform for creating online portals for Dynamics 365 and Dataverse. The platform tools enable citizen developers and power users to create exceptional user experiences for their customers, vendors or members to interact with their vital relationship data. The TPC Portal Power Automate connector allows the same citizen developers and power users to automate content creation, manage user access and integrate their portal functionality with the many systems you can tap into with the 400+ connectors available.” – Steve Webb, Vice President of Product Development, pavliks

Visit the TPC Portal documentation to learn more.