Upcoming sessions at Microsoft Build and the Microsoft Business Application Summit recap

Microsoft Build is next week!

We have a number of exciting sessions at Microsoft Build this year – covering many different aspects of the Power Platform. To get started, register today for Microsoft Build to create your own session schedule and stay up-to-date before the event. Then, sign in on Tuesday, May 25, 2021, starting at 8:00 AM Pacific Time to join in on the fun and learning. The packed line-up will stream to you live and on-demand, at no cost.

Technical sessions

Build differentiated vertical SaaS apps with Microsoft cloud

Debuts Tuesday, May 25 at 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM Pacific Time. See all session times.

Learn how to quickly build modern SaaS apps in the cloud with Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Azure, and Teams. Charles Lamanna, Corporate Vice President, Low Code Application Platform will share you can leverage the industry-specific components of Microsoft’s industry clouds to move faster and stay focused on the unique challenges in your industry.

Increase Developer Velocity with Microsoft’s end-to-end developer platform

Debuts Tuesday, May 25 at 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM Pacific Time. See all session times.

Learn how to empower developers in every organization to build productively, collaborate globally and securely, and scale innovation with Visual Studio, Power Apps, GitHub, and Azure.


CON-PRT160 – Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Process Advisor in your organization

Wednesday, May 26 at 11:00AM to 12:00PM Pacific Time.

In this roundtable we’ll discuss Power Automate – and the value it brings for Robotic Process Automation. Understand how best to integrate with Robotic Process Automation in your organization and the new process advisor, which helps you discover what needs to be developed in the first place. You can use this session to both learn from other organizations using Robotic Process Automation and have an opportunity to provide feedback that will shape future investments in the space.


Building Low Code Vertical Apps using Microsoft Power Platform

Debuts Tuesday, May 25 at 2:30 PM to 3:00 PM Pacific Time. See session details for alternate times.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the new, dominant delivery model for new applications, especially as remote work has increased. This model can and has been, effective across many industries including financial services, retail, and more. This session will cover how low code and SaaS on the Microsoft cloud can help improve the customer experience across a wide range of industries, all using Microsoft cloud.

Microsoft Power Platform is the best way for teams to build together

Debuts Tuesday, May 25 at 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time. See session details for alternate times.

All developers can now collaborate to develop Microsoft Power Platform solutions together at speed, with the addition of pro dev tools and functionality from VS code extensions to distributed connectors. Learn how Power Fx and an enhanced Power Apps maker experience empower developers to build apps together more easily and efficiently, for a streamlined connected, and unified end-to-end experience for all makers.

What’s new for Windows desktop application development

Debuts Wednesday, May 26 at 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM Pacific Time. See session details for alternate times.

Tap into the full power of a Windows PC with your desktop applications. See how we’re unifying the developer platform through Project Reunion, enabling you to modernize without rewriting. You’ll also learn about our work on WinUI (the native UI stack in Windows), Win32, .NET apps, and more. For enterprise developers and ISVs targeting Windows, this is the tech you need to know.

On-demand Sessions

Process Advisor helps devs build the right solutions the right way

There can be an overwhelming number of requests to developers to build solutions in your organization. Learn how to leverage Process Advisor to better understand what tasks that people in your organization are doing—and analyze exactly how those processes work.

Dataverse for Developers

Dataverse brings together the world of data and events to build enterprise line-of-business applications. In this session, we’ll dig into what this means for professional developers, and how you can consume the Dataverse WebAPIs, implement pipeline-based custom business logic, consume Dataverse Events in Azure, mine Dataverse Data in Azure Synapse, and more.

Expanding Power Automate with DocuSign

Learn all about the DocuSign Connector in Power Automate, how to use it, and how to easily connect to the DocuSign API to take its abilities even further.

Microsoft Business Application Summit recap

The Microsoft Business Applications Summit was on May 4th and there were 2 sessions lead by the Power Automate team:

FS103: Empower everyone to automate common processes with Power Automate

Learn how automation can streamline a myriad of your business processes with digital and robotic process automation. The session will highlight the latest innovation in Power Automate and how it can meet all your organization’s automation needs from modern to legacy applications.

CON-ATE103: Ask the Experts – Power Automate

Join the Power Automate product experts to discuss how automation can streamline a myriad of your business processes with digital and robotic process automation. Come prepared to ask how the latest innovation in Power Automate can meet all your organization’s automation needs from modern to legacy applications.

But we’re not the only people talking about Power Automate – there were also  eleven real-world story sessions! In these sessions, you can hear directly from citizen makers, pro-developers, and IT Pros across a wide spectrum of organizations adopting Microsoft Power Platform. Hear their stories, watch their demos, and deep dive into details of their solution architecture. We hope these stories will spur ideas and inspire innovation and creativity within your own organization

Session Title Links
Real world stories: Driving transformation with Microsoft Power Platform. Includes – Bayer, H&M, Trek Bicycles, RAC of Western Australia, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and T-Mobile. https://aka.ms/MBAS/FS106
WestJet Airlines and San Diego Workforce Partnership use Power Virtual Agents for employee and customer bots https://aka.ms/MBAS/OD305
T-Mobile adds RPA to their Six Sigma toolbox with Power Automate Desktop, Process Advisor and AI Builder https://aka.ms/MBAS/OD306
Pembina embraces citizen development and Hanover Insurance drives business and IT-led automation with Power Automate Desktop (RPA) https://aka.ms/MBAS/OD307
Novo Nordisk and Cancer Research UK drive digital breakthroughs with Microsoft Power Platform https://aka.ms/MBAS/OD308
City of Ottawa and City of Kobe use Microsoft Power Platform to rapidly respond to citizen needs https://aka.ms/MBAS/OD309
H&M enables citizen development at scale and Toyota drives rapid approvals with Microsoft Power Platform https://aka.ms/MBAS/OD310
Professional developers at EY build complex enterprise solutions with Microsoft Power Platform https://aka.ms/MBAS/OD311
Eskom boosts productivity and Western States Caterpillar enables field employees with Power Apps https://aka.ms/MBAS/OD312
The rise of citizen development and empowering communities of makers with Microsoft Power Platform. Includes – EnBW, GSK,Publix Supermarkets, University of Wisconsin-Madison. https://aka.ms/MBAS/OD313
CBRE and Sonae MC embrace rapid automation with Microsoft Power Automate https://aka.ms/MBAS/OD314

Real world story sessions from previous years are available at: 2020 | 2019. For a longer list of curated stories, videos and presentations, visit – https://aka.ms/PowerCATStories.