Flow of the Week: Streamline approvals by sending files with approval requests.

On flow of the week, today we are going to show you how to send approval emails with attachments.

In this example, we have a folder in SharePoint where project files are submitted for approval, and our flow is setup to generate an approval email to the project manager, who manage projects in BaseCamp 3.

The file uploaded to the SharePoint folder is attached to the approval email so that the project manager can inspect and approve the file right from their email inbox.

Once approved, the file is uploaded to the BaseCamp vault and made available to other members working on the Project and a message recording the approval is logged on the message board.

In case, the request for uploading the file to the BaseCamp vault is declined, a message recording the rejection of the request is also logged to the project message board.

You can try this flow out by using the following template, from the Flow template gallery.

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