Flow of the Week: Remind you to post to your blog if you don’t post in 10 days

This week we would like to highlight a scenario brought to us by Thaigo Passos on his blog here. The scenario is if you are writing for a blog, it can be challenging to get into the rhythm of posting on a frequent interval. The goal of this flow is to make sure that you keep up with posts on your Blog. It will send out a daily reminder specifically if you do NOT post every 10 days. You can build the flow from scratch or use this template here

The Trigger

Because you should get Daily reminders we will start out with a Recurrence trigger that runs every day. You will need select the Frequency menu and choose Day:

List the Posts you've made

The first step of the flow will be to list your existing Blog posts. The easiest way to do this is if your Blog has an RSS feed – select the List all RSS feed items action and then paste your blog's URL.

Next, you will need to Add a Condition to check to see if any of those posts happened in the last 10 days. In order to build that you will need to select Edit in advanced mode

When you're editing in advanced mode enter the following condition:

@less(string(first(body('List_all_RSS_feed_items'))['publishDate']), addDays(utcnow(),-10))

Add the email reminder

Finally, you need to add the action inside the If Yes branch to send you the email notification on the days where there hasn't been posts in the past 10 days. Select the Send me an email notification step.

That's all you need. Again, you can start with this template here which has all of these steps built-in. Thank you to Thaigo for his great blog post!