Flow Community Blog Highlights

Have you visited the Flow Community blog lately? Along with rapidly growing forums, fun and informative events, and ways to leave feedback, the Community blog is a platform for you to share ideas with your peers, industry experts, and us here at Microsoft.

We want to hear what’s got you thinking about Microsoft Flow and workflow automation! Blog posts can be anything from opinion pieces on the latest industry trends, to helpful tips and how-tos for your fellow Flow users, to even “trip reports” from your local Microsoft event.

To get started, simply message me, @JessicaC, with a rough title for your post and a couple of sentences to describe your topic. Together we’ll make sure you can preview how your post will look once it’s done, and set a publication date.

Posts of the Month

Every few months, we’ll post highlights from the Community blog so you can catch up on any you may have previously missed. Check out these great posts from May:

Using the Azure Logic Apps Workflow Definition Language (WDL) in Microsoft Flow, by sergeluca

There are many situations with Microsoft Flow where we need non standard features, and as developer, Serge is way too often tempted to jump on the custom API and to create my custom Azure function or Azure Web API to provide exactly what I need. If all you have is a hammer everything will look like a nail… but using the hammer can be overkill, so let’s add another tool to our (Flow) toolbox.

How to never lose your car again in under 10 minutes using Microsoft Flow, by Jennifer Pearcey

Don't lose your car, ever again with the click of a Flow app button on your mobile device, your GPS location is stored. Upon completion a notification is sent to your device, complete with a link to provide step by step directions back to your car.

Dynamics 365 Workflow vs Microsoft Flow – Which one do I use?, by Jerry Weinstock

Dynamics 365 workflow vs Microsoft Flow dilemma has been solved!

Update a secondary SharePoint list using Flow, by Daniel Christian

In this blog we are going to walk through the process of building a custom Flow using SharePoint list.