Walkthrough of achieving cloud scale with Robotic Process Automation

Last November, we announced there is an easier way to manage installing and provisioning RPA across your organization with the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) integration starter kit. This allows organizations to quickly scale up or scale down and support unpredictable spikes in demand. With the starter kit, you can integrate existing AVD deployments and automatically turn on virtual machines (VMs) to scale RPA workloads faster, helping optimize costs and reduce overall wait times for flow runs in Power automate. More information is available at https://aka.ms/AVDPA.

The team has heard from many customers interested in this capability and also about the strong interest in Microsoft Mechanics videos in the past (how Xerox benefits from RPAPower Automate Desktop walkthrough). We thought it’d be useful to present a walkthrough starting from a simple automation and make it scale across AI, unattended, multiple virtual machines, then enable automatic scale up and down with the Azure Virtual Desktop starter kit. The video is available here:

In the video, we go through a few steps:

  1. Implement a very common scenario of taking data from Excel and enter data into a web form through Power Automate for desktop.
  2. Use AI Builder to process the incoming requests, automating a key part of the process and bypassing manual data entry in Excel.
  3. Run the overall process in an unattended mode and monitoring execution runs in the Power Automate portal.
  4. Dynamically scale unattended RPA through Azure Virtual Desktop integration starter kit.

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We hope you find the video as useful as it was fun to make. Happy Automating at https://Microsoft.com/PowerAutomate!