Introducing the Unified Action Center

Microsoft Flow now provides a unified Action Center – your one-stop-shop for approvals and business process flows!


To get to your approvals, click on ‘Action Items’ in the menu on the left, and then click ‘Approvals’.

View a list of all approvals that need a response from you under the ‘Received’ tab. From here, either select a request to respond to it, or click on a request to view its details. Similarly, track approvals requested by you under the ‘Sent’ tab.

View outcomes of approvals you’ve sent or received by navigating to the ‘History’ tab and toggling between the Received and Sent views

We’ve also improved the organization of information when viewing an approval. In this new experience, key information about the approval (such as its title, the requester, when it was sent/received/completed, link to content, outcome, etc.) is consolidated in an Overview card. Additional information that may be provided with the approval is displayed in a Details card. For approvals that have been responded to, responses along with comments are displayed in an Activity card

Business process flows

With the Action Center, you can now view a list of all business processes flow runs you’re involved in!

You will see a business process in the Action Center if you are assigned at least one CDS entity record that the process uses. For example, if a business process uses the Lead and Opportunity entities in CDS,  you will see all instances of this process where either the Lead or the Opportunity record is assigned to you

All instances that are currently being worked on are listed under the ‘Active’ tab. From here, view the name of the process, the stage they’re in, the owner of the CDS record associated with the active stage, and time since the instance was created.

Click on an instance to open it in a new tab, or select it to copy a link, share a link via email, abandon or delete the instance.

All instances that have either been finished or abandoned are listed under the ‘Inactive’ tab. From here, view the name of the process, the stage it was last in, whether it was abandoned or finished, and when it was last updated.



  • Looking for a particular approval or business process instance? Use the search bar in the top right of the Action Center in any of these views to find an approval or business process by its title
  • Each business process instance is listed by the name of the first entity record (primary entity) that’s associated with it. Following our previous example, each instance of the Lead to Opportunity Sales Process would be listed by the name of the Lead. If you don’t have permission to read records of the first (primary) entity of the business process, you will not see a name for that instance