Introduction to Power Automate RPA desktop flows analytics

The ability to monitor analytics of overall RPA (Robotic Process Automation) desktop flows is critical, so that you can view the overall automation health and adoption status across the whole organization. You now have two different options to monitor the analytics for RPA desktop flows — from Power Platform Admin Center or using the CoE Starter Kit.

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Create flows easily with the new Power Automate app for Teams

Over the past year, Power Automate has been integrating more deeply with Microsoft Teams to help you automate your work and be more productive. We’ve introduced features like triggering a flow from any message and new Teams actions like create a meeting and mention support that allow rich and complex workflows within Teams.

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Power Automate Desktop November 2020 update

Power Automate Desktop has introduced new features in November 2020 update, including accessibility improvements, a system tray icon and runtime notifications, as well as a new action that allows for uniform error handling on a block of actions.

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