Flow Collections

Flow collections are a set of template collections organized by role or by vertical. To start off, we've released four collections for marketing, human resources, software development, and education. These collections will be featured on our front page:

The idea behind collections is to help our users find more relevant and useful templates. For example, someone working in marketing will have an easier time finding a template to automate parts of their jobs through the Flow marketing collection rather than going through our Browse or Search discovery methods. Not only is this feature important because it may help our users find templates they're looking for, it may also help our users find templates they didn't know existed but are useful to them nonetheless. For example, a human resources professional may go into the human resources collection looking for a template to simplify onboarding of employees, but also discover useful flows for helping their organization simplify the time and absence reporting process. 

To make this feature better, we need your help to do two things.

1. We would like to ensure that our existing collections are of value to you. There is a feedback forum that we've set up for each collection that can be accessed at the bottom of the collections page.

We highly encourage you to provide feedback to help us iterate on our collections. The collections were designed after interviewing users about their use cases and performing competitive analysis, but we are a long way from having heard all of your voices. Let us know what kinds of scenarios and templates belong in each collection and we'll do our best to improve upon them to deliver you an even better discovery experience. 

2. We are working on developing additional collections in the following areas: Sales, Operations, Finance, Business Intelligence, and Management. If you have any ideas for scenarios that belong to any of these areas where Flow would be helpful, or if you belong to any of these departments/job functions, please submit your ideas with a label of which collection your idea belongs to.