Get to insights even faster with new features from Process advisor task mining

We’ve made several exciting enhancements to Process advisor in January 2022 to make it even easier and faster to visualize your processes and get to insights with task mining. From a combination of talking to customers, looking at the data, and dogfooding our own product, we identified three bottlenecks in the prior task mining experience:

  • Preparing recordings for analysis is time consuming.
  • Requiring users to set recordings as “Ready to analyze” introduces additional friction on the path to insights.
  • Navigating from the recorder to recording details requires too many clicks.

Read on to discover how we are alleviating these pain points and really reducing the amount of time and number of clicks to get to insights.

 Auto create activities from recordings

We have heard your feedback! Manually preparing screen recordings can be painful. Previously you needed to:

  1. Review the recorded actions (e.g. mouse clicks or keyboard events)
  2. Identify sensible groupings
  3. Define a label for each group, AKA activity

Thankfully, Process advisor now support auto creating activities from the recording. We automatically group related recorded actions into a single activity and create a label that accurately describes the user’s action, leveraging the application and window used. You can accept auto created activities as is, you can edit individual auto created activities, or delete all auto created activities and create your own from scratch.

Editing the activities in anyway will remove the “Auto created” tag so you know which activities were edited or added after. This solution helps first time users quickly understand their process activities, while more advanced users have a starting point to fine tune the activities to get the desired results.

Removal of “Ready to analyze”

With the addition of auto created activities, we wanted to streamline the steps to getting to analytics. Having to toggle ready to analyze every time was more of a hinderance than of value. Now, as long as you have two activities in your recording, you are ready to analyze!

Link back to Process advisor from recorder

We added a button once you have finished recording to open the recording details in Process advisor portal. Previously you had to navigate to the page on your own, which required many clicks and was another source of additional friction.

Get started with process advisor to experience these enhancements or try it out for the first time!