Extract identity document information using AI Builder

The new AI Builder ID reader prebuilt model allows you to extract information (such as first name, last name or date of birth) from passports from all over the world and state-issued driver’s licenses.

AI Builder makes it easy to read and export this data in your business processes if you use either passports or driver’s licenses as proof of residency or for hotel check-in purposes, for instance.

Leveraging the latest in Microsoft AI Form Recognizer, this new model doesn’t require training nor prior configuration and is able to perform high quality data extraction even with imperfect photos or scans (glossy or tilted images, for instance).

No picture nor face detection happens when the image is processed and scans of the IDs are deleted once processed by the model.

Leveraging its native integration with Microsoft Power Platform, the model can be used to build a flow that sends email notifications when a new passport scan is uploaded to a specific OneDrive folder, for example:

Now available in preview. No trial nor subscription required to try this feature. You can use this prebuilt model and start processing passports and driver’s licenses right away in your apps and flows.

Learn more about the identity document (ID) reader

If you have any feedback on this new model, feel free to share it with us in the AI Builder forum or email us directly at aihelpen@microsoft.com.