13 New Verified Connectors and 12 Updates released in December 2022

Welcome to the monthly newsletter! We are happy to announce that in December, we launched 13 new verified connectors and 12 updates from different service owners. These connectors have solutions and tools for Business Management, Sales and CRM, Marketing, Content and Files, Productivity, Communication and much more. You can view all the details and highlights below.

Thank you, all our partners, for this great partnership, and we look forward to partnering with many more companies providing wonderful solutions in the future.


New connectors


Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager integration allows access to Adobe Experience Manager Forms related services(e.g. Adaptive Forms, Communications and more). This integration will allow flows to be triggered when a form is submitted through Adobe Experience Manager Forms and Communication related services to be invoked from flows.

You can use Adobe Experience Manager connector to access Adobe Experience Manager Forms – Communication capabilities to create a PDF document that is based on a form design and XML form data or create PostScript (PS), and other Printer Definition Language documents.

Visit the Adobe Experience Manager connector documentation to learn more.


CobbleStone – Contract Insight

The CobbleStone Contract Insight® Power Automate connector has arrived! This seamless connector provides access to CobbleStone Contract Insight using Power Automate – allowing users to create, read, and update various records and tasks to streamline their contract management processes. Secured by OAUTH2, this connector allows for both out-of-the-box and user-defined entities.

Matt Friebis, CIO, CobbleStone

Visit the CobbleStone – Contract Insight connector documentation to learn more.



DeepL Translate is the world’s most accurate AI translation technology. Our products deliver quick, human-sounding translations, enabling seamless communication wherever people do business.
The DeepL connector integrates our translator with Power Automate, Logic, and Power Apps, enabling users to include high-quality text and document translations in their flows to build enterprise-ready localization processes.

Tim Cadenbach, Developer Evangelist

Visit the DeepL connector documentation to learn more.



Dime.Scheduler is the go-to graphical planning solution for Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft 365.

Supercharge your business apps with Dime.Scheduler’s graphical planning layer and get started planning your resources and projects in minutes.

Anything can be a resource and anything can be a task: you decide what and who needs to be planned, and Dime.Scheduler takes care of the rest with powerful visual scheduling tools for the planner.

Hendrik Bulens, Managing Partner at Dime Software

Visit the Dime.Scheduler connector documentation to learn more.



Impower is a brand new clouded based ERP and accounting system for property managers. The integration to Microsoft 365 is key to our customers to allow efficient end to end workflows. This connector provides access to the Open API of Impower to send information to the ERP system as well as get information from the ERP .

Juergen Forscht, COO

Visit the Impower connector documentation to learn more.


Power Textor

With the Power Textor connector, send SMS messages to your customers and get push notifications when a text message is received. Build brand loyalty by a one-on-one conversation with customers with Power Textor actions that support a range of text message sending options; including on-demand SMS, scheduled SMS, event reminders, and Google Review requests. Each functionality is available for an individual number or a group of numbers.

Visit the Power Textor connector documentation to learn more.


Priority Matrix HIPAA

Priority Matrix HIPAA creates a central source of truth to coordinate all the work your team needs to do. PM-HIPAa was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of professionals in healthcare, insurance and medical science, to help them prioritize work, share with teammates and focus on the high-impact tasks first.

With Power Automate, Priority Matrix HIPAA can be used to build rich experiences that keep PHI and PII secure, while enhancing team productivity. For example, it can be used to ingest Microsoft Forms directly from field-workers and sales associates, capturing tasks and assigning them to the right person, all without the need to involve a programmer. Another possible flow includes notifying external parties when certain tasks are created, completed, or become overdue. In all cases, PHI/PII travels through encrypted channels to preserve privacy.

Visit the Priority Matrix HIPAA connector documentation to learn more.



At Taqnyat, we are dedicated to helping enterprises increase customer engagement and support through our innovative CPaaS solutions. As the CEO of Taqnyat, I am proud to offer our Microsoft Flow connector, which allows for easy communication between businesses and their end users via SMS. We are committed to being a valuable partner for companies looking to improve their communication strategies in Saudi Arabia.

Saud Al Salami, taqnyat CEO

Visit the Taqnyat connector documentation to learn more.



tegolySIGN is the signature solution for Microsoft Teams that allows you to collect legally compliant signatures easily and quickly.

With our Power Automate connector you have the possibility to automate your signature processes and streamline workflow.

Through the wide range of connectors existing systems like SharePoint can be integrated simply and assist you with routine tasks, e.g. the storage of signed documents.

Visit https://tegoly.com to learn more!

Sven Gosda, Co-Founder and CEO

Visit the tegolySIGN connector documentation to learn more.


UiPath Orchestrator

Run automations in UiPath Cloud Orchestrator.

Visit the UiPath Orchestrator connector documentation to learn more.


Updates App (Microsoft 365)

Updates is a Microsoft Teams app that allows you to create, submit, and review updates. People can easily see their employee updates, check-ins, and reports in one place to make sure their team is on track for success. These updates can be recurring which happen on a regular basis or in-the-moment updates which may be needed at any time. Updates connector enables Updates in workflows and offer users more value. It enables creation of Power Automate flows which trigger when an update is sent to the flow owner. Currently, the connector supports two triggers 1) when a new Update is received 2) when a new Update tied to a specific request is received.

Visit the Updates App (Microsoft 365) connector documentation to learn more.



Universal Synch Bridge for SAP: One access point for all SAP integration, analytics and UI needs. Simplify modern analytics, apps and automations. Provision SAP data, insights and automation On-demand.

Visit the USB4SAP connector documentation to learn more.


Zuva DocAI

The Zuva DocAI connector makes it easy to embed contracts AI into your applications and workflows, to extract information from your contracts and other business documents. DocAI is an API-driven platform that comes with over 1,300 AI fields, pre-trained by experienced lawyers and subject matter experts, to extract common legal clauses, key provisions and data points that are written in a non-standard way. With no need to develop AI from the ground up, the DocAI connector helps organizations quickly realize the value of pulling important information and data points from its contracts. It enables organizations to easily design and run business workflows—retrieving files from a wide variety of sources (e.g. Microsoft SharePoint, Google Drive, Box, etc.), processing them through DocAI services, and inserting the extracted data into target applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Google Sheet, Microsoft Power BI, etc.).

Visit the Zuva DocAI connector documentation to learn more.

Updated connectors


There are 12 connectors that have updates:

  1. Apptigent PowerTools LITE
  2. Apptigent PowerTools PRO
  3. Azure IoT Central V3
  4. Blackbaud Raisers Edge NXT Gifts
  5. Blackbaud SKY Add-ins
  6. DocuSign
  7. Dynatrace
  8. Encodian
  9. iManage Work
  10. Impexium
  11. Meisterplan
  12. Staffbase

Below are few of the most significant updates.

Apptigent PowerTools LITE

Apptigent PowerTools LITE (Community Edition) is a suite of essential utilities that simplify the creation of critical process flows and dynamic forms. With just a few clicks, any busines user can manipulate text, modify collections, format dates and times, convert weights and measures, perform advanced mathematical calculations, redact sensitive information, encode or decode strings, and more. Add PowerTools to your solutions and increase your productivity today for FREE!

Visit the Apptigent PowerTools LITE connector documentation to learn more.


Apptigent PowerTools PRO

Apptigent PowerTools Professional is a powerful suite of essential utilities for enterprise workflow, forms and cloud applications. Manipulate text, modify collections, format dates and times, convert currency, perform advanced mathematical calculations, shorten URL’s, encode strings, convert text to speech, translate content into multiple languages, get accurate weather forecasts, generate maps, moderate content, autocorrect text, detect personally identifying information, redact sensitive content, convert/resize/watermark/crop/rotate images, generate QR codes, and much more. PowerTools is the ultimate process automation toolkit for Microsoft Power Platform.

Visit the Apptigent PowerTools PRO connector documentation to learn more.


Azure IoT Central V3

Azure IoT Central v3 (Preview) Power Automate Connector makes it easy for the users to connect, monitor and manage their IoT devices at scale from within their application workloads. With the latest updates to the connector, you can now manage and monitor jobs and scheduled jobs, create device enrollment groups, manage device relationships, manage device groups, and perform various other automations directly from your business applications.

Visit the Azure IoT Central V3 connector documentation to learn more.



This release includes enhancements for creating and sending pre-populated envelopes. Create an envelope and add documents, recipients, recipient authentication, pre-filled document fields, envelope custom fields, and more. Envelopes can be created with or without using Templates. Additionally, an embedded signing view can be generated to facilitate native end-to-end send and sign scenarios in a Power App or other application. We have also upgraded actions to use the DocuSign REST API v2.1. Existing actions using API 2.0 are indicated with the prefix DEPRECATED.

Visit the DocuSign connector documentation to learn more.



Encodian offers two ground-breaking solutions to improve functionality and accessibility to automation within your company: Flowr and Trigr.

Encodian Flowr

The Encodian Flowr connector is your one-stop shop for media manipulation using Power Automate! We help you turn time-consuming manual document conversion, creation and management into automated workflows.

We are constantly releasing new features. Check out our most recent updates below:

Start your free Flowr trial today!

Encodian Trigr

The Encodian Trigr solution allows you to create a flow and deploy it to as many SharePoint sites as you need. No duplication necessary. You can even make use of the dynamic form features such as a people picker and password creation.

With a simple button sitting within the SharePoint toolbar, your users can access your flows without ever leaving their comfort zone.

Recent upgrades:

  • Filter Trigger Lists based on the user’s Azure Directory Group
  • Select folders, not just multiple files.
  • Calendar views, picture galleries and many more page options.

Make automation accessible companywide. Start your free Trigr trial today!

Visit the Encodian connector documentation to learn more.



With the update to the MS Power Automate Connector for Meisterplan, you can now use OBS and custom fields more easily in your flows without using the field IDs.

Visit the Meisterplan connector documentation to learn more.


Interested in submitting your connector? Visit our documentation and our GitHub repository to learn how to get started.