Intermediate | Microsoft Flow: Using Teams + Planner + Bizzy = Efficiency on the go!

Hey Flow Fans!

Today I am bringing you a new video focused on productivity while on the go! 

The winter in Seattle is quite rainy and gloomy and when the sun comes out most of us try to get out and feel it on our skin for a little while. I dont know about you… For me though, when I head out of the office, its really important to stay productive while on the move. So in this video I am going to show you a Flow that i use which combines Microsoft Teams, Planner, and a Flow partner tool called Bizzy Bot which allows me to quickly ask questions of Bizzy inside of teams, to return me important information i need so that i can know what items i need to address immediately! sounds complicated, but its not. 

After i show you how it works, I'll also show you how its made! 



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Until next time! Later Flow Fans!

– Jon

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