Process advisor Application Analytics and Automation Recommendation features are now generally available

Gain deeper insights and take action in optimizing and automating your process with Process advisor Application Analytics and Automation Recommendation features, which are now generally available.

Gain deeper insights with application analytics

Application analytics allows you to gain more insights from recordings by understanding application usage. You can learn more about application analytics and what these reports offer along with the highlights below:

  • Quickly identify patterns and trends: Identify the top apps used in a process. The time spent by application and actions by application pie charts shows the distribution of time spent and actions per app.
  • Reprioritize time by identifying inefficiencies: The application switching bar chart shows which application pairs are most often used together, highlighting repetitive tasks like copy and paste from one app to another. The application usage scatter plot identifies applications for which activities cannot be completed without jumping out to other apps and back multiples times.
  • Streamline processes with deeper insights: Drilldown the app insights for each activity or recording. Identify different usage patterns within a process and find the most optimal way to complete the process.

Application aAnalytics creates simple charts to see usage, time spent, actions, and more.

Turn insights into action with recommended automations

Identify new opportunities to streamline how you work with the automation recommendation feature and get more insights into what to automate using Power Automate. See recommendations and automation opportunities within a process map and quickly implement the recommended automations using the smart automation and guided steps. This feature is now generally available. Read more about automation recommendations.

  • Identify automation opportunities: Leverage the intuitive interface to see which activities are occurring the most in your processes that could be automated in Power Automate.
  • Scale automation faster with built-in connectors: Discover where you can benefit from automation and get recommendations for which connectors to use in your process automation. With built-in connectivity to over 475 first- and third-party apps and services, you can scale and implement automation faster.
  • Get started quickly with guided steps: Implement automation with ease using the recommended guided steps that serve as a building block in creating your process automations.



Discover new insights and find opportunities to streamline how you work.  Start taking action on your insights  in process advisor:

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