Process advisor updates in March 2021

We’ve made several enhancements to Process advisor in March 2021 to make it easier and faster to create and visualize your processes:

  • Guided first run experience
  • Improvements in preparing your recording
  • Manage activity names
  • Usability improvements

Guided first run experience

We’ve added helpful guides when you first interact with Process advisor to learn about the product and guide you on what to do next.

Manage activity names

Process owners can now create and manage recommended activity names for a process, so there will be more consistency in naming across recordings. These names will show up in the activity name list when preparing your recording.

Improvements in preparing your recording

We have made several improvements to the experience of preparing your recording:

  • Updated the look and feel of grouping activities, so it is more clearly delineated which actions are part of an activity
  • Improved the activity name searching
  • Added ability to delete actions that are sensitive or not relevant
  • Moved recording details into its own panel

Usability improvements

We’ve made navigation across all Process advisor screens significantly faster to make the overall experience smoother and more responsive. In addition, we made improvements that should improve usability:

  • Recording details will automatically refresh once it is available
  • Added recording process retry when there is a retriable failure
  • Added ability to reopen the recorder if you closed the pop-up when creating the recording
  • Improved interactivity with the process map especially the ability to tab through the process map labels

Get started with process advisor to experience these enhancements or try it out for the first time!