Gain key insights on your certified connector in the ISV Portal

Are you a partner who has certified a connector and wants to know the connector’s health and usage? You can now view key telemetry for your connector any time!

All you need to do is log in to ISV Studio and click on the Connector Name from the Home page. Next, you will see a sidebar on the right side of your screen. This side bar includes the monthly success rate in terms of API responses, monthly active connections, and the monthly request count for your connector. In this case, “monthly” refers to the last 30 days.






You can choose to keep track of your metrics month-to-month on your end to get an understanding of the trends of your certified connector over time, especially if you make improvements or updates to your connector.

Have any success stories or suggestions for other metrics that might be helpful? Fill out our feedback form or reach out to!

Are you interested in certifying a connector? View our documentation to learn about the criteria, process, and benefits. If you don’t happen to meet the criteria for certifying a connector, but you’d still like to open source your connector, reach out to