On-Demand: Flow Team Hangout Chat – April 27, 2018

Ever wanted to meet the people behind Microsoft Flow?

Now’s your chance…

In case you missed it, you can now catch up on the “Flow Team Hangout Chat – April 27, 2018” on-demand in our Flow Community Webinars & Video Gallery to see what questions were asked to our Flow team about their work experience with Flow!

Our Flow team hangout guests included a few new and familiar faces:

Anh-Thu (AT) Chang (Flow Community Manager)

  • Flow Expertise: Flow Community program (Super User program, Flow Community Blogs)
  • Fun Fact: “I survived a night sleeping in a snow igloo at the base of Mt. Rainier. It was very cold.”
  • LinkedIn, Twitter (@ATEEChang)

Anjli Chaudhry (Principal Program Manager)

  • Flow Expertise: Flow website, templates, reliability. Here to listen to all the woes 🙂
  • Fun Fact: “I almost got arrested in Burma once. Yes, it was scary.”
  • LinkedIn

Jon Levesque (Senior Program Manager)

  • Flow Expertise: Microsoft Flow Community, Engagement & Evangelism
  • Fun Fact: “I moved to seattle at 19 years old with only a suitcase and $2000 in my pocket.”
  • LinkedIn, Twitter (@PNWAdventureGuy)


Kent Weare (Principal Program Manager)

Merwan Hade (Senior Program Manager)

  • Flow Expertise: Flow integrations (SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Teams) and Approvals
  • Fun Fact: “Before the age of 18, I’d lived in Kenya, India, the United States, Iran, and Botswana.”
  • LinkedIn, Twitter (@merwanhade)


Stephen Siciliano (Principal Group PM Manager)

Sunay Vaishnav (Senior Program Manager)

  • Flow Expertise: Flow platform generalist, custom connectors and collaboration.
  • Fun Fact: “I race motorbikes.”
  • LinkedIn


Who do you want to see featured in our next Flow Team Hangout Chat?! Let us know in the comments below.

See you at our next hangout!