25 Days of flows – The Power Automate Advent Calendar

Many of you were following along during our YouTube holiday event 25 Days of flows – the Power Automate Advent Calendar. In this special 25 day suite of both content and flow downloads, you were invited to take a journey with me around the possibilities. With 60% beginner level flows, 30% intermediate level flows, and 10% advanced flow scenarios, there is someone fun for everyone!

The 25 Days outline is as follows:

Day Topic
1 Receive notifications when new videos are posted (automated)
2 Push updates from Dynamics to a Microsoft Teams message (automated)
3 Send Forms responses to Microsoft Teams and add built-in PBI analytics (automated)
4 Send a welcome email for new Microsoft Teams members (automated)
5 Query accounts from the press of a button (instant)
6 Translate text to French (instant)
7 Send weekly CSV reports from a SharePoint Online list view (scheduled)
8 Value-Statement: Who needs Approvals? (templates)
9 Walkthroughs: Approvals Part 1 and 2 (instant)
10 Using the outcome from Approvals (automated)
11 Create your own Magic Ball Wizard (automated)
12 Send a weekly list of premium connectors (scheduled)
13 Upload receipts to SharePoint (instant)
14 Compare two Excel spreadsheets and return the variance in an HTML table (instant)
15 Find out if you’ll be late to the conference (instant)
16 Replace someone else’s connections within a flow with your own (instant)
17 Remind me to do ‘this’ in x days (unstant)
18 Send new member bio to Teams (instant)
19 Create a weekly backup of Power Apps applications to OneDrive (automated)
20 Receive the daily NASA image to your email inbox (scheduled)
21 Challenge: When I enter the grocery store send me my groceries list (automated)
22 Learn how to edit a flow definition from another flow (instant)
23 Send an visual Account map to Microsoft Teams (instant)
24 Create your first custom connector (basics)
25 Create your own custom connector (with multiple actions)
Bonus P.S. Vlog Finishing touches on my Cocktails Custom Connector

If you missed the series, no worries! The recorded playlist will be available all year from here in numerical order, and the actual Power Apps application is downloadable from here. Feel free to reuse these in your demos and user groups as well!

Enjoy, and Happy New Year to you and yours!

(aka @ArtsyPowerApper on Twitter)