Unattended Robotic Process Automation and AAD support now available in UI flows (Preview)

UI flows is the new robotic process automation (RPA) capability in Microsoft Power Automate. At Ignite 2019, we enabled Citizen Developers and Center of Excellences within organizations to create attended UI flows.

Following the February 2020 release, we are excited to announce the preview of one of the most requested feature by our customers: unattended UI flows.

Unattended UI flows can run without human supervision. This is best for scenarios such as processing invoices and entering them into a legacy application automatically, or scheduled financial reconciliation across multiple systems that can only be automated by clicking user interfaces.

When running unattended, Power Automate will securely sign into the device on your behalf, execute the UI flow actions onto the target applications then sign out of the device.

You can get started now with UI flows and learn more about how to run them attended or unattended.

If you are already using UI flows, please read how to upgrade from previous releases.

Power Automate already supported on-premises Active Directory (AD)-joined machines to run UI flows. With this release we are also adding support for Azure Active Directory (AAD)-joined machines. This will allow businesses with on-premises, cloud or hybrid identity and access management services to seamlessly use UI flows.

Please do not forget to share any feedback at the Power Automate Community Forums and use “UI flows” label.

Happy automating!