Beginner | Flow of the Week: Notify Co-Workers about running late

This week we would like to share a flow that demonstrates the use of Buttons as well as modern approvals. The goal is that if you're running late to a meeting you can, with a couple taps, notify all of the attendees that you'll be joining soon.

This flow starts out with a button – that means that you can trigger it from your phone in the Flow app, and from the Dynamics 365 home portal. When you click on the button, the flow will get the upcoming events in the next hour. You will then get an Approval notification sent to your phone like this:


You can then select Approve to send an email to the people on the list, otherwise, select Reject. When you select Approve, you have an option to also customize the email that is sent to your co-workers by selecting Add comment. Finally, an email like the following will be sent:

To use this flow go to this template, create accounts if needed, and then click Continue. You don't need to change anything in the template – it's all set up for you, just Create flow. One of the bonuses of this flow is you can share this flow with other people on your team and they take get the advantage of the button from their phones too!