Flow Community Blog Highlights

Have you visited the Flow Community blog lately? Along with rapidly growing forums, fun and informative events, and ways to leave feedback, the Community blog is a platform for you to share ideas with your peers, industry experts, and us here at Microsoft.

We want to hear what’s got you thinking about Microsoft Flow and workflow automation! Blog posts can be anything from opinion pieces on the latest industry trends, to helpful tips and how-tos for your fellow Flow users, to even “trip reports” from your local Microsoft event.

To get started, simply message me, @JessicaC, with a rough title for your post and a couple of sentences to describe your topic. Together we’ll make sure you can preview how your post will look once it’s done, and set a publication date.

Posts of the Month

Every few months, we’ll post highlights from the Community blog so you can catch up on any you may have previously missed. Check out these great posts from June and July:

How to call SharePoint from Microsoft Flow with the help of an Azure Function, by Anton Khritonenkov

There are a lot of actions for different platforms in Microsoft Flow. Unfortunately, there is some missed functionality, especially SharePoint related. Anton likes how Azure Functions can be used to creat microservices, which is why he thought it would be a good idea to cover some functionality by Azure Functions and make it easy to use and extend.

A Modern Client Engagement, by pladavm

"As a Chartered Tax Advisor & Chartered Accountant I am often put in a position where I am asked a question but without more information I am unable to provide an answer. My answer typically would be "Yes, I can absolutely help you with that issue, however I need to know" and then proceed to outline a comprehensive list of information requests with accompanying reasoning why each item is required before I can finalise my tax analysis. With Microsoft Flow I demonstrate how we can make this process much more easier and be more engaged with our clients."

Getting alerts when an email isn't received, by Elliot Munro

There are plenty of times that you'd like to be notified when a specific email arrives in an inbox, but what about those times when an email doesn't come through? In this post we're monitoring status emails sent each day by our client's backup programs. If a backup program doesn't send another email within 30 hours, an alert is sent to a backup technician who can acknowledge it using Email Options in Microsoft Flow.

Real-world scenario using Flic's physical button, SharePoint and Flow, by Daniel Christian

This blog walks through a real-world scenario of how Flic's physical button can integrate with SharePoint and Flow to give real-time status of all technicians (or engineers, consultants, contractors, ETC) who are at their customer's location.

Use Microsoft Flow to Integrate Your Website's Forms with Dynamics 365, by trevor

As a marketer, one of the most tedious business processes is dealing with all of the people that submit forms on a website. Here's how trevor's team integrated their website's forms with Microsoft Dynamics 365, and even further optimized this process with decision-making, email-follow ups, and more.

Process automation with Microsoft Flow using NodeMCU and Arduino IDE, by JoaoLucindo

The purpose of this article is to guide the development of a IoT button integrated with Microsoft Flow platform.