Add comments to steps, Smartsheet support, and more

This week we have a few new features available, including the ability to add comments to steps, connectivity to Smartsheet, some refinements to the UI to make it easier to rename and save flows, and videos for many of our help documents.

Comments on steps

When you have a flow that has many different steps that do different things, it can sometimes be difficult to remember exactly what everything is for, and what you need to keep the flow working. Comments make it easy to annotate each individual action with notes to that you can easily remember what the flow needs:

Comments on a step

When you use an Excel step inside of a flow, there needs to be a table in the Excel file with certain columns. In the example above, you can see I added a comment to remind myself what those columns need to be. Or, if you have multiple Excel steps, you can use the comment to track exactly what each step is for.

Smartsheet support

This week we added support to connect to Smartsheet. Smartsheet is a service that makes it easy to collaborate on sheets in the cloud.

Smartsheet Templates

Some templates that we have include being able to add someone to a mailing list when a row is updated in a sheet, or send an email when a sheet is commented on.

UI refinements when authoring flows

We’ve heard from you that you want to be able to easily name your flows and save them. We have made the flow name front-and-center and moved the save button to the top of the page for easy access:

Rename flows

Videos for documentation

Finally, having helpful documentation is one of our goals. To make the help articles clearer, we have added short 1-3 minute videos for each of the common help documents (and added them to our YouTube playlist). Please let us know if you find these helpful, and what other types of videos you’d like to see.