Reduce process bottlenecks with process advisor for Power Automate, now generally available

Application analytics creates simple charts to see usage, time spent, actions, and more.

As companies strive to be more nimble and focus productivity on innovation, workplace automation is taking center stage. With the right tools, like Microsoft Power Automate, everyone can reduce time-consuming tasks to focus on what matters most. In fact, the month after Microsoft Ignite, where we announced Power Automate Desktop was available at no additional cost for Windows 10 users, Power Automate increased download rates six times month-over-month, empowering even more customers with automation.

This is a testament to the untapped opportunity that no-code robotic process automation (RPA) offers to help customers automate repetitive tasks and workflows. The robust RPA capabilities is one piece of what you can do with Microsoft Power Automate. It is a comprehensive intelligent automation solution that covers the spectrum of automation needs from API-based automation with 475 and more connectors via cloud flows to UI-based automation with robotic process automation and AI Builder.

Today, we are making it even easier to prioritize the processes best suited for automation. Process advisor, now generally available, is a process mining capability that provides insights into how people work and takes the guesswork out of automation. You can now map workflow tasks, discover organizational bottlenecks, and identify which time-consuming tasks are best suited for automation—all from within Power Automate. Process advisor is available to all customers with the Power Automate per user or per user with attended RPA plans.

Watch this overview video to see how process advisor works, and continue reading below to see what’s new in process advisor since preview.

Gain deeper insights with application analytics

Application analytics (in preview) allows you to gain more insights from recordings by understanding application usage. You can learn more about application analytics and what these reports offer along with the highlights below:

  • Quickly identify patterns and trends: Identify the top apps used in a process. The time spent by application and actions by application pie charts shows the distribution of time spent and actions per app.
  • Reprioritize time by identifying inefficiencies: The application switching bar chart shows which application pairs are most often used together, highlighting repetitive tasks like copy and paste from one app to another. The application usage scatter plot identifies applications for which activities cannot be completed without jumping out to other apps and back multiples times.
  • Streamline processes with deeper insights: Drilldown the app insights for each activity or recording. Identify different usage patterns within a process and find the most optimal way to complete the process.

Application aAnalytics creates simple charts to see usage, time spent, actions, and more.

Turn insights into action with recommended automations

Identify new opportunities to streamline how you work with the automation recommendation (in preview) feature and get more insights into what to automate using Power Automate. See recommendations and automation opportunities within a process map and quickly implement the recommended automations using the smart automation and guided steps. Read more about automation recommendations.

  • Identify automation opportunities: Leverage the intuitive interface to see which activities are occurring the most in your processes that could be automated in Power Automate.
  • Scale automation faster with built-in connectors: Discover where you can benefit from automation and get recommendations for which connectors to use in your process automation. With built-in connectivity to over 475 first- and third-party apps and services, you can scale and implement automation faster.
  • Get started quickly with guided steps: Implement automation with ease using the recommended guided steps that serve as a building block in creating your process automations.

Get started with recommended automations with Select +Automate activities in the menu at the top to display cloud flow connectors recommendations relevant to your process.

A comprehensive approach to administration and security

Process advisor relies on environment security and Microsoft Dataverse security roles and privileges to grant access to features in Power Automate. This integration allows system administrators to leverage built-in security roles for deploying process advisor, specifically:

  • Environment makers can use process advisor to create and share processes.
  • Administrators and system customizers can access all processes created in the environment.

In addition to administration functionality, process advisor’s privacy capabilities enable a secure, governable sharing process for recordings to create rich analysis and insights.

With process advisor, users can use Power Automate Desktop to record processes which are then imported into process advisor where owners and contributors can see data from the process and its recordings. You can copy or move process advisor processes from one environment to another using Microsoft Power Platform solutions. Learn more in the process advisor security and privacy documentation.

Explore these additional resources to learn more about process advisor.

Organizations across multiple industries are using process advisor

Some of the world’s leading corporations are using process advisor in Power Automate to create efficiencies and produce a strong ROI—assisting a major telecoms merger, simplifying and reducing manufacturing processing costs, and helping with financial investment decisions.

  • “Process advisor simplifies the hardest thing about process analysis – sharing details of a process across an organization. With the recording and sharing function in process advisor, it makes it very easy for process and business analysts to collaborate and to identify opportunities to optimize their automation workflows.” —Brian Hodel, Principal Power Platform Developer, T-Mobile. Learn more about T-Mobile adding RPA to their Six Sigma toolbox.
  • “By leveraging RPA in Microsoft Power Automate we anticipate a time savings of 90 percent in processing time for our operations, and the potential to see reduced maintenance cost of up to of 20 percent, which aligns with our value of simplicity in our manufacturing work. Looking forward, we are excited to gain deeper insights into how we work and where we might benefit from automation with process advisor to streamline and digitize our operator rounds.” —Linda W. Morris, Enterprise Automation Lead, Chemours. Learn how Chemours automated SAP reducing processing time.
  • “Process advisor allows us to gain real insights into how work is getting done. It reveals process variations and exceptions early, making it easier for us to help customers determine where to invest. We’re able to gather rich process data to support planning and design activities, trace and analyze variations to understand a process, and use visual outputs to understand the potential ROI for automations.”—Sean Panter, Co-Founder, Fidelity Factory

Take the guesswork out of automation—get started today

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