Direct purchase on Power Automate RPA attended is now available

Have you been wanting for a long time to start using Power Automate RPA to increase your personal productivities as a citizen developer yourself? Or have been you running an Automation CoE central team, want to get your team to embrace the full power of Power Automate RPA capability? However, you have been struggling to find out how to actually do the purchasing, who can you talk to, or where to do the license assignment? You are not alone! Those challenges exist for many because the limitation before that we only support the purchase channel for the Microsoft 365 tenant/org admin role only.

Good news is that this is changing today! Now you can now directly purchase the Power Automate per user plan with attended RPA for yourself, or even for all members in your team without need to be an M365 tenant/org admin! Anyone who has a valid organization email account is now able to purchase RPA directly from our pricing page.

— Power Automate per user plan with attended RPA is the most complete offer that you can use to take full advantage of the landscape of Power Automate premium capabilities, including hundreds of premium cloud-based API connectors, as well as to orchestrate and connect to any desktop/web based application that do not have existing API connection built-in. You can also use Process Advisor to easily get insights on your daily manual process and identify the highest ROI areas to automate, or to use various of AI builder intelligent models to recognize and understand unstructured such as image, data, forms, text sentiments etc.

After you click the “Buy now” button under the plan, you will be guided through to login, confirm the plan/price to purchase, enter your credit card to setup an individual subscription, and finish the purchase process.

After completed purchasing, as the “mini admin” for your subscription, you will be able to go to M365 admin center to manage everything about this subscription including renewal, cancel, assign to user or unassign plans etc.

Here are some notes that you should be aware of:

1. The direct purchasing experience is for commercial or non-profit clouds only. It is not available for governance sovereign or education clouds.

2. MSA account is not supported to do direct purchasing at this time.

3. Your M365 tenant/org admin still can choose to block the direct purchase channel from the whole org. In that case, you will be shown an messaging stating that. However you will still be able to submit a request to your admin directly within the same UI. When the admin receives your request, they can approve by assigning a corresponding license, or deny this request.

4. Your M365 tenant/org admin will have limited visibility on your specific subscription (they will not be able to manage your user assignment, view or use your credit card information etc.) However, they will still have the option to cancel your subscription, or to move this subscription into the centralized managed org subscription if they choose to.

5. Direct purchasing does not support the unattended add-on because that is a tenant wide capacity, which will still require tenant/org admin to purchase. Here is the details steps need to be followed regarding how to purchase unattended capacity or start an unattended trial.

Hope you enjoy this new unlocked purchase path and we are excited to learn what you build!