Get notified when someone edits your flows and new expressions for working with URLs and Objects

Notifications on Flow edits

Adding your co-workers as Owners to your flows is a great way to collaborate – but once you do this it can be difficult to keep up with who is updating your flows. Now, whenever a flow you own is changed by a co-worker, you'll get an email notification informing you who changed what flow.

New expressions for working with URLs and Objects

We are always adding new expressions to use in your flows. We recently added two new groups of expressions. The first helps you to parse URLs in your flows. Given a URL, you can select the hostnamepathportscheme, and query segments. As always, all of the expressions are shown in the flow designer and have full intellisense support:

The second group helps you to work with JSON objects inside of your flows. Although most users will not need to work with JSON objects directly – if you are working with HTTP APIs directly, these type of expressions can be very helpful.

  • addProperty – Returns an object with an additional property. If the property already exists an error will be thrown.  For example, addProperty(json('{"abc" : "xyz"}'), 'def', 'uvw') returns the object { "abc" : "xyz", "def": "uvw" }
  • setProperty – Returns an object with an additional property or an existing property set to the given value. For example, setProperty(json('{"abc" : "xyz"}'), 'abc', 'uvw') returns the object { "abc" : "uvw" }
  • removeProperty – Returns an object with a property removed. If the property to remove does not exist the original object is returned. For example, removeProperty(json('{"abc" : "xyz", "def": "uvw"}'), 'def') returns the object { "abc" : "xyz" }

Three new connectors

This week there are two new Plumsail connectors: Plumsail SP and Plumsail Forms, and a new connector to kintone. You can see the list of all new connectors here.