The Power Platform Online Conference 2020 Recap

What’s up Friends!?

WOW! The Power Platform Online Conference was a crazy success!

9 Hours | 18 Sessions | 25,000 Live Attendees | 48k Views in 48 hours

So many new skills acquired, so many new people inspired, this event was truly amazing because it was for the community, by the community and supported by Microsoft.


Some cool stats to share:

#PPOC2020 had 642 Tweets about it during the conference, which reached over 2 million people.


#PPOC2020 had representation from Every continent!



Thank you very much to @TygraphTweets and John White for creating this amazing Twitter dashboard for us! Contact them up if you need social statistics for your event!


More stats:

34,538 People registered for The Power Platform Online Conference

over 25,000 Unique People visited the conference during the day

Our peak viewership was 8,896 viewers for any one moment

Our final session of the day closed with 2,287 people still watching

The Video has ALREADY gotten over 48,000 views total


And my favorite stat of all…

2,310,000 Minutes of the #PPOC2020 Conference was viewed Friday! 

In other words….

You all watched 4 Years of Power Platform Conference Content in one single day, collectively!


Special Thanks also due to a couple of platforms that helped make this event possible to be run for community by community!

1. Sessionize – Speaker/Schedule Management
2. Eventbrite – Quick and easy registration / communication



For those of you who didn’t get to join us yesterday, Fear Not!

All of the content is available on-demand!!

To watch the conference in full as it was presented click here:
The Power Platform Online Conference 2020

To watch each session individually, Here is a list of every session and its link:


Introductory Material

Build your first app with Power Apps and Automate – Shane Young

Case Study: How I used SharePoint, Flow, PowerApps, and Forms to build a Speaker Database – Sarah Patrick

Building your first Robotic Process Automation using UI Flow – Kent Weare

Basic Permissions in the Common Data Service – Marc Gerner


Intermediate Material

Build even faster with PowerApps Templates – Sancho Harker

Troubleshooting & Best Practices with Power Automate – Mar Llabmbi

3 Power Apps Techniques for better apps – Odd Modlin

Speaking SharePoint’s Language: HTTP to SharePoint in Power Automate – Ashley Rogers

Less Code More Power, How it’s done! – Yash Agarwal

Intro to Power Apps Portals – Nick Doelman


Advanced Material

End to End Automation with the Power Platform – Hamish Sheild

Rapid Time to Market with Power Apps Bryant Boyer

What the French Toast is Power BI Doing to my Database – Adam Saxton and Patrick LeBlanc

Keeping Track of all those Approvals! – Laura Rogers

Deliver an Enhanced User Experience by Combining Azure, Teams and the Microsoft Power Platform – Frederik Bisback and Clifton Lenne


Administration Material

Power BI Governance & Best Practices – Sara Barbosa and Raphael Santos

CoE: Next level governance of the Power Platform – Paul Culmsee

ALM for Low Code Solutions (PowerApps/Power Automate) – Sultan Al Sharfi


Closing Remarks & Homework

#PPOC2020 and #ShowAndTell – show us what you made! 


And now to follow all of the Speakers on Twitter!

Shane Young

Sarah Patrick

Kent Weare

Marc Gerner

Sancho Harker

Mar LLambi

Odd Modlin

Ashley Rogers

Yash Agarwal

Nick Doelman

Hamish Sheild

Bryant Boyer


Laura Rogers

Frederick Bisback

Clifton Lenne

Sara Barbosa

Raphael Santos

Paul Culmsee

Sultan Al Sharfi


Please be sure to Follow all of our speakers and thank them for their hard work and awesome presentations! They are worth it as they do these kinds of things all the time!

A Huge thanks from the Power Platform Team!

Its an honor to get to be your host for this landmark event!

See you at the next one!

– Jon