Send a flow as a copy

If you have a flow that you want other people in your organization to create copies of, there is a new Send a copy feature available. To send a copy of the flow, you must first ensure that it does not contain any personal information. For example, a flow that sends something to your email address would likely not be appropriate to send as a copy to others.

Sending a copy of a flow means that recipients will be able to create their own copies of the original flow. These copies will use the recipient’s connections and be owned by the recipient if they want to make changes after creating the flow.

There are two main entry points for sending a copy of your flow. First, from the flows list:

"Send a copy" option in flow list

Second, from the flow properties page:

"Send a copy" option from flow properties page

Before sending your flow as a copy you must have at least one successful run since the last time you updated the flow. This helps to ensure that the flow will work for anyone you send it to. Also, it is important that you remove any personal information from the flow before sending it out, especially because after you share the flow as a copy, the copy cannot be retracted.

When someone uses a copy of a flow, there is no way for them to adjust its configuration when creating it – the copy will be created as-is, but with that person’s connections. Thus, we recommend designing your flow to retrieve all data dynamically based on the recipient’s connections. For example, you can use actions such Get my profile rather than hard-coding your or the recipient’s email into the flow.

Upon clicking Send a copy you will be prompted to customize the title and description of the template as well as the recipients. These recipients can be any combination of users and security groups within your organization. Only the people you send the flow to will have access to it.

"Send a copy" panel input

After doing so, the recipients will receive an email prompting them to create their own copy of the flow you just sent.

"Send a copy" received email

Additionally, any templates shared with you can be viewed in the template gallery under the Shared with me tab. The "Shared with me" template gallery.