Join us for the Power Platform Community Conference – October 22nd

Hello My Friends!

I want to make you all aware about a very special event happening one week from today!

The Power Platform Community Conference #PoPCC is an event unlike most others that we host! This event will feature 16 Sessions given by the community, for the community!

We will have 12 sessions with how-to and upskill style content

2 Sessions will be TED Style talks about life and business change

and 2 Sessions will be Real-world examples, focused on the WHY!

To top that all off we will have an opening session from James Philips, the president of Business Applications, a Keynote from Charles Lamanna, CVP and closing thoughts from Technical Fellow, Amir Netz – Each talking about the importance of community and how it effects all of us.

To get registered for the event and see all of the details visit