Ending 2021 with the release of twenty-seven new and updated connectors

November and December have been exciting months as we ended 2021 by launching twenty-seven new and updated connectors.  The release included eleven new connectors and sixteen updates, and all of these updates have been submitted by the owners of these APIs. These new connectors have a range of services and functionalities. To know more about these services, read their details in this post.

New connectors


Airmeet is a fully customizable virtual & hybrid events platform designed for exceptional engagement & ROI. Airmeet offers a virtual venue that allows your participants to navigate across multiple sessions, networking lounge, and exhibition booths to have meaningful interactions. Airmeet is trusted by 2500+ customers globally including Accel, United Nations Association Canada, Agora pulse, among others.

With the Power Automate connector, you can add and retrieve event registrations, manage the event listing, setup reminders, track event attendance and more. Automatically sync your attendee data, accelerate sales pipeline, and create personalized campaigns to improve conversion.

-Raghav Takkar, Senior Product Manager, Airmeet

Visit the Airmeet connector documentation to learn more.

Spring Global

Spring Global is a leading field sales tool that supports enterprise CPG customers globally. The tool enables users to serve with ease, monitor & control field execution, and leverage a single app with a 360° view for all. With the Spring Global Surveys connector, your survey data goes from static to actionable. As your responses come in, they can be inspected for specific details and appropriate action. For example, having a Customer Success rep contact an unhappy customer or a field service engineer repairing a failing cooler.

-Dan Sadler, SVP, Spring Global

Visit the Spring Global connector documentation to learn more.

Recorded Future V2

As the attack surface grows, security teams are seeing more and more events each day. However, with too little time and not enough context on the activity in their cloud environment, it’s challenging to connect the dots between data in Microsoft Azure services and the external risk of any detected threats. This slows responses and potentially enables relevant threats to slip through the cracks. The Recorded Future integration with Microsoft Azure Sentinel helps to automatically detect risky IOCs and respond quickly with transparency and context. and triage alerts faster with elite, real-time intelligence. Recorded Future offers a 30-Day Free Trial of our intelligence, for clients looking to directly experience the power of external threat within Microsoft Azure Sentinel: https://go.recordedfuture.com/microsoft-azure-sentinel-free-trial?utm_campaign=microsoft-free-trial&utm_source=microsoft&utm_medium=gta

Visit the Recorded Future V2 connector documentation to learn more.

Secure Message Delivery

The DataMotion Connector for Power Automate allows you to utilize DataMotion’s secure message delivery API within your workflows. This means that you can add automated secure message and file exchange solutions into your existing workflows. This integration enables seamless, one-way encrypted messaging, helping you save development time and free up bandwidth while remaining aligned with industry regulations and your enterprise’s security policies.

Visit the Secure Message Delivery connector documentation to learn more.


The ArcGIS Connectors for Power Automate connects your automated workflows to resources from your ArcGIS Online subscription. The actions allow users to leverage their ArcGIS Online identities to geocode addresses, enrich data with demographics, perform point-to-point routing, get data or geometry from hosted feature layers, and create new feature layers. These actions allow you to bring spatial capabilities to your flows and extend you data pipelines and processes.

Visit the ArcGIS connector documentation to learn more.


The ArcGIS PaaS Connectors for Power Automate connect your automated workflows with the ArcGIS Platform. The actions allow users to leverage an API key to find address candidates, enrich data with demographics, and generate point-to-point routing. These actions allow you to bring spatial capabilities to your flows and extend your data pipelines and processes.

Visit the ArcGIS PaaS connector documentation to learn more.

Dynamics 365 Commerce – Ratings and Reviews

Dynamics 365 Commerce offers Ratings and Reviews as an omni-channel solution. When business decides to switch over to Dynamics 365 Commerce’s Ratings and Reviews solution, existing Ratings and Reviews data needed to be ported to Dynamics 365 Commerce platform. Additionally, businesses may want to export ratings and reviews data from Dynamics 365 Commerce. Dynamics 365 Commerce – Ratings and Reviews helps business to import ratings and review into Dynamics 365 Commerce or export from Dynamics 365 Commerce.

Visit the Dynamics 365 Commerce – Ratings and Reviews connector documentation to learn more.

Dynamics Fraud Protection

Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection (DFP) connector enables customers who use PowerApps Portal to run their business online to integrate with fraud protection. They can now integrate with DFP account protection (and purchase protection) to receive risk assessment as part of a predefined user action (or event) in their portal.  For e.g. submitting an application form for rental assistance. After the defined user action takes place, the customer then has access to risk score and can take advantage of it in deciding an action on the application– Approve, Reject or Review.

Venkat Ganesan, Principal PM, Microsoft, Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

Visit the Dynamics Fraud Protection connector documentation to learn more.


Ideanote is the #1 Enterprise Idea Management software built to revolutionize the way you engage your people in innovation. With the Ideanote connector for Power Automate you can build automated innovation workflows that streamline the way you collect and manage ideas across your teams, your customers, and your company. Work with your Ideanote innovation funnel directly in Power Automate to connect to other apps, send data to your BI tool, build custom notification flows, sync ideas across tools, leverage AI and automate your innovation — so you have more time to make the right ideas matter.

Visit the ideanote connector documentation to learn more.

Robots for PowerBI

Robots for PowerBI is a connector that allows DevScope PowerBI Robots clients the execution of simple actions like enable, disable, or execute Playlists configured in the application. Customers can fully automate the company’s reporting needs by scheduling PowerBI Robots to run at the frequency that best suits their company’s needs, be it every week, hour, month, etc. At the time of your choice, PowerBI Robots automatically takes high-definition screenshots of your Microsoft Power BI dashboards and reports, and continuously sends them as images or PDF files by email, to a SharePoint library, a file system, or any browser.

Visit the Robots for Power Bi connector documentation to learn more.


Spinpanel enables organizations to sell, deploy, manage, and automate Microsoft 365 and Azure solutions. It provides detailed insights in usage, invoicing data and provides intuitive self-service options. Use this connector to connect to the Spinpanel API and use its capability in Power Automate, Power Apps and Logic Apps.

Visit the Spinpanel documentation to learn more.

Updated Connectors

There are sixteen connectors that have updates:

  1. Adobe PDF Services
  2. Almabase
  3. Assently E-Sign
  4. Azure IoT Central V3
  5. BigCommerce
  6. Data8 Data Enrichment
  7. Eduframe
  8. Envoy
  9. HR Cloud
  10. HYAS Insight
  11. OpenText Core Share by One Fox
  12. Share-Effect
  13. SignNow
  14. Tallyfy
  15. Way We Do
  16. WithoutWire Inventory Platform

Below are a couple of the most significant updates.

Azure IoT Central V3 (Preview)

Azure IoT Central is your IoT Application Platform that enables you to build highly secure solutions that scale as your business needs grow. It ensures your investments are repeatable and integrate with your existing business apps.

With this latest release, we are aligning the IoT Central Power Automate Connector to Digital Twin Definition Language v2 (DTDLv2) specification and adding over 30 new actions that allow you to:

  • Perform user management operations (create, update, list, delete)
  • Retrieve devices and device templates list with pagination support
  • Get command response back from the latest execution
  • And interact with the Edge modules for your IoT Edge devices

Visit Azure IoT Central V3 Connector documentation to learn more.


Tallyfy is proud to announce a deeper, richer connector on Microsoft Power Automate to make workflow and task automation between people incredibly easy.
Whilst Power Automate is great for moving data between apps – the highest cost and inefficiency in most company (especially as you grow) is moving and orchestrating tasks between people, visually – making Tallyfy a perfect complement to Power Automate.
Use cases include approvals, onboarding clients (client-facing workflows) and employees (internally), financial workflows and marketing/content approvals – amongst many other repeatable processes that form the engine of operations in a company.

Visit Tallyfy connector documentation to learn more.