Power Automate Desktop December release update

We are happy to announce that Power Automate Desktop is now generally available! Learn more about the new RPA enhancements and process advisor here.

In this December release, several updates have taken place regarding Power Automate Desktop, whose details are described below.

Execution logs are now available for console runs

The run history of desktop flows is now updated in Power Automate portal, even with standalone runs of Power Automate Desktop flows via the console. You are able to inspect these execution logs by selecting a desktop flow and clicking on Details.

Console execution logs - Details link

Console execution logs - Run history

New trials can be started from within Power Automate Desktop

New users are able to start their trial directly from within the Power Automate Desktop console, without needing to navigate to the portal to do so.

Start free trial

Input variables of sensitive text type are now available to be used

You are now able to select Sensitive text as the data type of the input variables you create. This option will encrypt the values of the respective inputs, thus offering security on sensitive data.

Sensitive text input variables

Password fields now support the use of variables

In addition to direct sensitive input, password fields in the respective actions can now also accept previously defined variables.

Variables in password fields

The flow designer and the recorders support handling direct encrypted input in certain actions

You are now able to give direct encrypted input in the following actions that provide text input to target fields:

  • Populate text field on web page
  • Populate text field in window
  • Send keys
  • Set text on terminal session

Direct sensitive text input in flow designer

The above functionality is available when manually creating or editing a flow, however it is also supported via the web and desktop recorders, thus allowing you to protect text data that should not be visible on screen.

Direct sensitive text input in recorders

Recorders now support the use of input method editor (IME)

You are now able to use an IME within the web and desktop recorders, which allows you to generate characters that are not natively available on your keyboard. This is possible via right clicking on the respective field while recording and selecting the last option in the below context menu.

IME option in recorder context menu

IME screen

New group of PDF related actions

A new PDF module is now available, providing you with four new actions that allow you to read text from PDF files or otherwise manipulate them.

PDF actions

Additional conditional operators are now available

Within the ‘If’ and ‘Case’ actions, apart from the traditional mathematical operators that were already there, new conditional operators have been added like ‘Is empty’ or ‘Starts with’, letting you implement more sophisticated conditions.

New conditional operators

Wait actions include a timeout option

Wait actions now include a timeout option, to optionally force an error after a specified time period of waiting for the respective element has passed.

Timeout option in wait actions

Hoping that you will find the above updates useful, please feel free to provide your questions and feedback in the Power Automate Community. If you want to learn more about Power Automate Desktop, get started with the below resources: