Introducing the Power Automate plugin for ChatGPT

The Power Automate Plugin for ChatGPT allows you to create and run flows directly from within ChatGPT. Use the new Skills connector and Run from copilot connector to author flows that can be called from ChatGPT that leverage the over 1000+ connectors in Power Automate.

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July 2023 update of Power Automate for desktop

Power Automate for desktop comes with new additions in 2023 July’s release, including the introduction of Office 365 Outlook actions, new actions for the scripting and work queues modules, a new tool to inspect and handle UI elements and a troubleshooter with certain diagnostics.

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Power Platform custom security role for Power Automate for desktop (RPA): The guide for admins

We’ve crafted a post showing how to customize security roles for Power Automate for desktop (RPA) and create a custom security role with minimum privileges to monitor production runs. Our post is filled with invaluable tips and tricks for keeping your data safe and protecting your company. So, whether you’re new to Power Automate for desktop or a seasoned pro, this is the ultimate guide for any administrator prioritizing data safety. Let’s get started!

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