Power Automate at Microsoft Business Applications Summit, Virtual Event 2020

We hope you are all staying safe and doing well in these unprecedented times. Undoubtedly, professional conferences and meet-ups have completely changed during this ongoing situation.  For those of you who were planning to attend this year’s Microsoft Business Applications Summit, we are happy to offer the conference virtually this year and we hope you register if you have not already!  Power Automate will have a significant presence at this year’s conference, with two live virtual sessions with real-time Q&A and several on-demand sessions which will be available in content waves. Though we cannot exchange ideas in person this year, we hope our sessions will give you a solid overview of Power Automate, the incredible features that are now available, and examples of how Power Automate can unlock automation capabilities that can elevate your organization’s productivity, efficiency, and execution. Power Automate is one of the few automation services enabling seamless automation across your entire IT environment whether on-prem or in the cloud, with access to over 300+ connectors, and now with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities to automate your legacy applications. In fact, Power Automate is pushing the boundaries of automation by being one of the first platforms to support the hyperautomation trend.

Here’s a list of Power Platform and Power Automate sessions for Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2020.


Virtual Sessions with Live Q&A: 28 min sessions, Wednesday May 6th, 2020

  1. “Empower Your Organization with the Microsoft Power Platform” 9:15 AM PST — The Microsoft Power Platform is a low-code development platform empowering your employees to solve today’s most challenging business problems with ease and within the bounds of your IT governance. The Power Platform leverages seamless automation, low-code application development, engaging conversational AI, and enhanced data analytics and visualization tools to help plan, execute, and analyze your organization’s challenges to produce unique and often unimagined solutions. The Power Platform includes Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents. In this session, we showcase the foundational elements of the Power Platform, discuss its latest capabilities and also demonstrate how the global healthcare giant GSK is using the Power Platform to address one of its real-world challenges. This session will open you up to the possibilities your organization can achieve with the Power Platform and the nearly unlimited potential it can offer you!
  2. “Managing & Governing the Power Platform At Scale” 11:15 AM PST — this session provides an overview of our big investments as well as some awesome demos of our latest features in Power Platform.
  3. “Unlocking seamless automation across your enterprise ” 12:15 PM PST— Power Automate is Microsoft’s workflow and business process management platform, and recently introduced new Robotic Process Automation capabilities, with a new capability called UI flows. Power Automate is the connective glue that’s used by end-users and developers alike for digital transformation, no matter what application they are using, and in this session we will cover this vision in detail.
  4. “Learn how Robotic Process Automation can Expedite Your Digital Transformation1:00 PM PST — Learn how to put both Attended and Unattended UI Flows to use in building a practice around robotic process automation (RPA) with best practices, tips, and tricks!


On-Demand Session, Thursday May 7th, 2020

  1. “Power Automate in 2020” — What you should already be using and what’s still to come — You spoke, we listened! Come and hear directly from the Microsoft Power Automate team about new features recently released, and our plans for the rest of 2020.
  2. “Why Microsoft’s RPA?” — Learn how Microsoft’s robotic process automation (RPA) offering combines the strengths of API automation, intelligence, and legacy automation to achieve broad and deep scenarios with ease.
  3. “Dive into how to make RPA work for you” — Learn how to put both Attended and Unattended UI Flows to use in building a practice around robotic process automation (RPA) with best practices, tips, and tricks!
  4. “Business process automation that helps teams do more” — Learn how to create goal-driven Business Process Flows that streamline human processes and help your teams stay focused
  5. “Introduction to digital transformation with Power Automate” — Join this session for an introduction covering UI flows, automated and business process flows in Microsoft Power Automate.


Enhance Your Digital Transformation with Power Automate

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to learn about Power Automate and begin a trial. You can learn more about Power Automate by joining our growing Power Automate Community and participate in discussions, provide insights, and even influence product roadmap. If you’re not already, begin following the Power Automate blog to get news on the latest updates. To get started on your first flows, learn how to use Power Automate from our tutorials and our video channels hosted by Power Automate engineers who will demonstrate how to create sophisticated flows within a matter of minutes. Go to powerautomate.com, to get started with Power Automate today!

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