Advanced | Flow of the Week: Automated recurring meeting update weekly with differing meeting invitees

Hi Flow Fans!

Today, I'll talk about a simple flow that we use internally to automate productivity. I run a recurring meeting every day of the week – in this meeting we review the active service incidents and alerts. The attendes of the meeting change every week. Every week we assign a differing set of engineers (on-call) to monitor the service health and deal with incidents – and the currently assigned engineers are required to attend this meeting.

Previously I'd do this manually – at the start of the week – look up who the engineers are that are on-call and then update the meeting invite for the week – As you can imagine there were numerous gaps when I missed, and the meeting invitees were messy. Sometimes I even forgot to remove the previous engineers from the meeting invite.

Now, I have a flow that does this every Monday @ 11am as shown below, the first set of steps up to the Exctract Flow on Calls are not relevant, they extract the ids of the current engineers on call by calling a custom connector written on top of azure Functions.


To highlight the important pieces – I use the advanced recurrence settings to run the flow @ 11 am on Monday of every week, I use a ODATA filter query in the GetEvents action (Subject eq 'Flows Daily Live Site Meeting') to only return the meeting I'm interested in – this not only reduces the number of calendar events the flows has to process, it also works around some limitations of the GetEvents action – it only returns a max of 250 events currently and I easily exceed it.

I also use the properities of the same calendar event to update the new event as shown below – I use the same Id, Subject, Start and End times as well as the Body and Location. The Email fields are the current on call engineers


I hope this was useful for you.

A simple flow that takes out a very manual and error prone process out of my work life.

What kind of schedule automations will you build? Tell us below in the comments, in the community or on Twitter!