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Process advisor

Understand and improve your processes

Simplify how you work by discovering workflow bottlenecks and automation opportunities through process advisor, the process mining capability in Power Automate.

Improve how you work

Take the guesswork out of what to automate with a guided experience, gaining a better understanding of your business processes so you can optimize them.

  • Gain deep insights
  • Empower yourself and others
  • Visualize processes end to end
  • See improvement opportunities
  • Create work efficiencies
  • Identify where you spend your time
  • Track important metrics
  • Analyze application usage
  • Use an intuitive interface
  • Run simple recorders
  • Share processes and collaborate

Process advisor at a glance

  1. Create: Set up a new process to identify opportunities to improve your workflow.

  2. Share: Invite colleagues to collaborate and add new recordings.

  3. Record: Record the actions you or your colleagues take to complete the process at hand.

  4. Edit: Remove sensitive information, and then group your actions into meaningful activities.

  5. Analyze: Generate a process map to analyze actions and get insights.

  6. Automate: Use these insights and guided recommendations to begin automating.

Get started with process advisor in Power Automate