Six New Connectors Released in May 2020

May was an exciting month for connectors, with the addition of six new connectors to Power Automate! This brings us to over 345 connectors available on the platform, enabling further automation scenarios for even more cloud products and services. We’re excited to showcase these additions, and make sure you check back next month to see even more connectors released in June! To find out more about the newest additions to the Power Automate connector family, continue reading on.


Azure IoT Central

Azure IoT Central is an app platform that makes it easy to connect, monitor, and manage your IoT devices at scale. With the IoT Central connector, you can trigger workflows when a rule has fired, and take actions by sending commands, updating properties, getting telemetry on devices, and more.

Visit the Azure IoT Central documentation to learn more about the connector.


Eduframe is a complete solution for commercial training providers & business schools to attract more students, manage & automate the course administration, and deliver the ultimate learning experience. Eduframe seamlessly integrates with Canvas LMS. The connector opens up the opportunity to easily integrate your existing software applications with Eduframe, like your CRM and accounting software.

Visit the Eduframe documentation to learn more about the connector.


Founded in 2012, LIFX offers a wide-ranging suite of smart lights aimed at changing the idea of what lighting could be in a world with smart homes. They offer indoor and outdoor smart light bulbs, light strips, and more to meet your smart home lightning needs. These lights are all Wi-Fi enabled and controllable via the LIFX mobile app, allowing you to customize the lighting how you see fit.

The LIFX connector builds upon existing functionality to offer an even wider range of options than ever before, empowering you to leverage Power Automate and automatically tap into the extensive possibilities of your LIFX smart lights. This includes scenarios like activating a scene and controlling your light’s state. If you’ve ever wanted to have your LIFX smart lights blink to remind you of an important event, or change color to let you know of an high priority email, the LIFX connector has you covered.

Visit the LIFX documentation to learn more about the connector.

Microsoft 365 message center

The Microsoft 365 message center connector enables you to sync your M365 admin center messages to Planner, helping you stay on top of your messages.

Visit the Microsoft 365 message center documentation to learn more about the connector.

Office 365 Groups Mail

The Office 365 Groups Mail connector allows users to work with data located in an Office 365 Group mailbox. The functionality in this connector works independently from a single user’s personal mailbox and allows users to work with any Group they can access within their organization. The connector works off the Microsoft Graph API, and uses terminology specified in the Office 365 Groups documentation within the Graph API.

Visit the Office 365 Groups Mail documentation to learn more about the connector.

Virus Total

Virus Total allows you to analyze suspicious URLs and files for malicious content like malware and share the results with the wider security community. With the Virus Total connector, you can automatically leverage the power of Virus Total in your flows to help identify malicious content to keep you and your organization safe.

Visit the Virus Total documentation to learn more about the connector.