Microsoft Flow and PowerApps in over two dozen sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2017 – come join us!

Microsoft Ignite 2017, kicking off in Orlando next Sunday, is shaping up to be a great conference. Microsoft Flow and PowerApps have over two dozen sessions total, with a good mixture of Microsoft-led sessions, and sessions from customers who have had hands-on experiences with the product. If you are attending Ignite, we’d love to meet you to get your feedback and answer any questions. If you aren’t attending in person, you can still catch up with the session recordings.

There are so many sessions this year that we have a learning path for the business application platform, so you can find the full list of Microsoft Flow, PowerApps and Common Data Service sessions at one place here:

Full-day training – Sunday

First, we have a full-day training on Sunday, Sept 24th. In this session, learn firsthand how customers and partners can leverage Microsoft PowerApps and Flow to extend data from SharePoint, Excel, Dynamics and many more applications to create mobile and web business apps – without writing a line of code! This is a hands-on training, so please come prepared with your computer, your ideas, and your questions. This requires registration, so go here to learn more and register.

Keynotes and General Sessions – Monday

James Phillips, the Corporate Vice President of the Business Applications Group will kick off our track with TK03: Power transformative change with Microsoft business applications and platform, starting at 10:45 AM. This will be followed by a dedicated general session at 2:15 PM: GS06: Extend the reach of your applications using the Business Application Platform. Finally, you can check out the modern workplace session at 4:00 PM: GS09: Microsoft 365: Unlock creativity and empower teamwork in the modern workplace.

Roundtables – Tuesday and Thursday

We have two roundtables, one 9:30 AM Tuesday and one 3:00 PM Thursday and, we want to learn more about your needs for, and experience with creating flows. We're also interested in hearing from developers who extend functionality, and admins who manage infrastructure. Haven't tried it yet? Come share your scenarios. Tried it, but haven't fully adopted it? Come share what we can do to remove blockers. Adopted it? Come share how we can make it better. We will also share our future plans with you. Click here if you'd like to participate in one of the roundtables during Ignite 2017!

Breakout Sessions – Tuesday through Friday

Flow-focused sessions

BRK2306 Automate workflows and enable modern approvals with Microsoft Flow

Easily add automation to workflows and approval processes for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365 data that enable you to process requests, send notifications, and more – with just a couple clicks. By Anjli Chaudhry.

BRK3341 Unlock extensibility by connecting your service to PowerApps and Microsoft Flow 

Bring your own service to Microsoft Flow and PowerApps to unlock powerful automation and customization capabilities for your users. Learn how easy it is to add custom APIs and develop your own connector. By Theresa Palmer and Sunay Vaishnav.

BRK3359 Deep dive: Compare SharePoint Designer and Microsoft Flow scenarios

See a detailed comparison of SharePoint Designer replacement scenarios using Microsoft Flow.  By Merwan Hade.

BRK4040 Deep dive: Advanced workflow automation with Microsoft Flow

Get a deep look into advanced techniques and expressions used to build complex workflows with Microsoft Flow. By Stephen Siciliano.

Common sessions

BRK2154 Real world use cases: Custom solutions build with PowerApps, Microsoft Flow & Common Data Service by Saurabh Pant, Pratap Ladhani, and co.

BRK2184 Accelerate your digital transformation with SharePoint and OneDrive  by Dan Holme, Jeff Teper, Omar Shahine

BRK2224 Transform business process with SharePoint, PowerApps, and Flow for biz apps, forms, and automation by Chris McNulty, Robert Burg, Kerem Yuceturk

BRK2429 Develop for the experience business with Adobe and Microsoft

BRK2305 Administration and ALM best practices for PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Common Data Service by James Oleinik

BRK3342 Connect Dynamics 365 and business application data with Common Data Service for powerful results by Jono Luk

PowerApps-focused sessions

BRK2098 Deliver sophisticated apps in days: Learn how PowerApps can transform your business – by Ryan Cunningham and Ankit Saraf

BRK3348 Create custom forms and digital experiences in SharePoint using Microsoft PowerApps – by Cathy Dew and Wes Preston

BRK4037 Deep dive: Take Microsoft PowerApps customization to the next level with advanced expressions – by Greg Lindhorst

Community Meet up – Thursday

Join us at an informal meet-up for customers, partners, MVPs and product teams to discuss the benefits of building apps and workflows that extend Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 365 data with low code services like Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and the Common Data Service. It's Thursday, September 28, 4:30 PM – 5:15 PM, learn more here.

Expo and Theater sessions

If you are attending Ignite, you can meet the product team at your convenience at the Expo area. The Microsoft Flow and PowerApps booth will be in the Business Application section of Microsoft Showcase in the Expo area. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

We also have a number of 20 minute theater sessions at the expo area that go deep into specific topics. Here is a list of the relevant ones for Microsoft Flow and PowerApps.

Once again, full list of sessions related to PowerApps, Flow, and Common Data Service at one place: The keynote, general session and breakout sessions will be recorded and posted online.

For those of you attending Ignite, we look forward to meeting you there.