Updates to the Power Platform request limits

We are dramatically raising the Power platform daily request volume throttles that have existed for Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, and Dynamics 365 users. For example, the Power Automate per user plan is jumping from 5,000 requests per user per day to 40,000 requests per user per day. This is designed to be more than sufficient for the vast majority of customer scenarios.


Products Requests per paid license per 24 hours
Paid user licenses for Power Platform (excludes Power Apps per App, Power Automate per flow, and Power Virtual Agents) and Dynamics 365 excluding D365 Team Member 40,000
Power Apps pay-as-you-go plan, and paid licensed users for Power Apps per app, Microsoft 365 plans with Power Platform access, and Dynamics 365 Team Member 6,000
Power Automate per flow plan, Power Virtual Agents base offer, and Power Virtual Agents add-on pack 250,000

For more information on Power Platform requests please visit aka.ms/platformlimits

Additionally, for customers with extremely high scale scenarios who need to exceed these boundaries, the Power Platform requests meter enables them to scale without getting throttled — only paying for the Power Platform requests used above the limits.  For example, if a user with Power Automate per user license used 45K requests in a day, since the license allows up to 40,000 requests/24 hours, they can just pay for the 5K additional requests used. For more information, please visit Pay-as-you-go for overages.

Note: as of Public Preview (11/01/21) if you link an environment to an Azure subscription this meter will not be reported or billed. Users and flows in the environment can consume more than their limits without being throttled or paying for overages. Reporting and billing will be turned on in the weeks following the Public Preview announcement.

We also revised the prepaid Power Platform capacity add-on to provide 50,000 requests per day to enable customers to scale in non-Pay-as-you-go environments.