July Updates on Power Automate Partner Connectors

Welcome to the July 2021 update! This month we partnered with thirteen new partners to include their services in Power Platform. It is always good to see that we are constantly increasing the number of partner connectors that support a variety of solutions. A shout out and congratulations to all our new partners on getting their connector successfully deployed. To know more about each of the services in detail view below.

HR Cloud

HR Cloud is a powerful and globally recognized HRMS software for the entire employee lifecycle. Use this connector to easily connect the employee data from HR Cloud with other applications that support Power Automate integration and vice versa.

With HR Cloud Connector you can get the data of one or all employees, departments, positions, locations, divisions, and employment statuses. An option for adding and updating employees to the HR Cloud is also available.

Krishna Surendra, Chief Technology Officer, HR Cloud

Visit HR Cloud documentation to learn more.


DeskDirector is a cloud-based customer-focused ticketing system for B2B service organizations. Use the DeskDirector connector to automate the creation and processing of our native Tickets, Forms, Chat sessions, Email, and more. Automate the repeatable and capture the unexpected, across your service offering, with this rich integration to Microsoft Power Automate Flow.

Warwick Eade, Founder, DeskDirector

Visit DeskDirector documentation to learn more.


nps.today binds customer loyalty insights and NPS surveys together across all your tools and platforms so you always have the full customer overview at hand with a single unifying platform. The connector enables you to customize even further by triggering new transactional surveys just at the right time and post the results directly where you need them no matter how specialized your workflows may be. The options are limited only by your imagination and all without a single line of code.

Morten Mols Gravesen, Chief Technology Officer, nps.today

Visit nps.today documentation to learn more.


Lang.ai is a no-code platform for free text classification and auto-tagging. Thanks to our patented unsupervised AI algorithm that learns only from your historical data, Lang.ai makes it incredibly easy to customize a model for your own business and use case. Using business logic to a group and combine concepts extracted from your data, non-technical users can build a model in minutes/hours to automate any workflow that relies on the classification of free text, such as identifying the contact reason in service tickets or structuring customer feedback from surveys.

Basil Polsonetti , COO/Co-founder, Lang.ai

Visit Lang.ai documentation to learn more.

Secplug Scan

The Secplugs Malware Scan connector lets you scan files, URLs and emails to identify and block malicious content. Integrate at your workflow boundaries to ensure your cloud storage/application remains secure. Via the Secplugs console, you view your analysis activity and choose from a range of analysis plans combining different Security as a Service provider to best fit your needs.

Visit Secplug Scan documentation to learn more.


Gratavid is a tool for collecting and sending personalized videos via email and text. The Gratavid connector allows organizations to send video thank you cards (i.e. – Gratavids) based on events in their CRM or other apps. For example, automatically send a video thank you card when a new donation is recorded in your CRM, when a form is submitted, or when a contact reaches a milestone. You can also use the Gratavid connector to send engagement data (i.e. – video watched) back into your CRM or other applications.

Will Trapp, Founder & CEO, Gratavid

Visit Gratavid documentation to learn more.

Assently E-Sign

With Assently E-Sign on the Microsoft Power Platform you can automate e-signature workflows on documents, forms, and smart contracts. Connect Assently with other connectors that initiate signature requests and trigger processes in other systems once a document has been signed.

Mikael Forsgren, Head of Product, Assently E-Sign

Visit Assently E-Sign documentation to learn more.

WenDocs Linker

WenDocs is a brand-new force growing from the traditional CCM/CEM (customer communication/experience management) domain. We provide a professional-level template designer and a lightweight publishing service to increase your document productivity. By leveraging WenDocs Linker in your flows on Power Platform, you can assemble and publish varieties of documents driven by data and improve business responsiveness and communication experience.

Paul Huang, Founder, WenDocs Linker

Visit WenDocs Linker documentation to learn more.

Harness PDFx

Harness PDFx is a SaaS platform, automating the extraction of data from the most complex and varied PDFs in the commercial real estate and financial services industry. Streamline your processes and drive business decisions by utilizing the PDFx platform and workflow tools. The PDFx connector adds deep systems integration, allowing PDFs to be stripped, connected, and processed by PDFx directly from a range of triggers such as incoming emails, Azure blob storage events, and many others supported by the Azure automation platform.

Adam Laws, Head of Business Development, Harness Data Intelligence

Visit Harness PDFx documentation to learn more.

Document AI Konfuzio

Build Document AI with Konfuzio to categorize and extract information (such as first name, last name, or date of birth) from any document or image. Konfuzio makes it easy to read and export this data in your business processes independent of the document type. Leveraging its integration with Microsoft Power Platform, Konfuzio can be used to build GPDR compliant flows that process documents automatically across any email inbox, OneDrive folder, FTP storage, SharePoint, and many more applications.

Christopher Helm, CEO, Konfuzio

Visit Document AI Konfuzio documentation to learn more.


LAWLIFT offers its customers one of the simplest ways to automate documents, use them and update them with ease. The integration in Power Automate enables seamless connection to customers’ workflows and access to countless APIs. For example, you can automate the following steps: saving the generated files (Word files, responses as. json or/and .csv); notifications when a document has been generated; signing the documents; collecting and evaluating the metadata generated from the documents.

Dr Steffen Bunnenberg, Founder, LAWLIFT

Visit LAWLIFT documentation to learn more.


We have one goal with Waaila – give everyone the tools needed to raise the standard of online marketing data quality.  Web analytics can be easily fooled, even small attacks are extremely difficult to detect. Undetected data issue multiplies the problems every minute, wrongly triggering other platforms. Validate your data with Waaila tools and take control of your analytics and measuring. Use our Power Platform connector to stay up to date with your recent tests – never lose track of any potential issues.

Annamaria Gojdicova, Communications Manager, Waaila

Visit Waaila documentation to learn more.

IN-D Face Match

Detect human faces and match it against the photos from ID cards for identity verification process in onboarding. Multiple faces on the photo or No faces on the photo and photos taken in poor lighting conditions can be rejected at source for re-upload.

Visit IN-D Face Match documentation to learn more.