Flow of the Week: Automatically moderate and approve posts to team social accounts

This week on flow of the week, we are going to look at scenarios that can drive multiple actions by using emails as triggers. The flow is kicked off when an email matching specified conditions arrives in your inbox. For instance, the email could be from or sent to a specific email address. The subject line could contain specific keywords that the flow can look for and so on. You can employ complex filtering logic to tailor a solution for your requirements.

For instance, imagine that you oversee moderating and approving posts on your team Yammer, Twitter and Facebook account. Without flows, you’d have to ask your team members to manually send you the posts, you’d then review them and then finally post them yourself 3 times. All this manual work can be removed by simply using the template here.

Make sure, you have the email trigger setup correctly. Mutually agreeing about the subject line always works great.

Don't forget to include the Yammer group you'd want the message to be posted on. You can always change or modify the template by clicking on the edit link on each of the cards.

We would be happy to feature any scenario that you find interesting on Flow of the Week, just reach out to us on Twitter or on the forums.