Coming soon to makers everywhere:


We’ll soon be using a new web address for signing in to and using Power Automate: will become Don’t worry, after this change you can keep using all of your existing bookmarks and links: you will automatically be redirected to the new Power Automate URL when you try to visit the old URL.

We renamed Microsoft Flow to Power Automate in 2019, and we now have an updated URL that will further increase the reliability of your Power Automate experience, and more easily enable shared experiences across Power Platform in the future.

We have updated the following documentation to include the new URLs:

Note: We are releasing the URLs to the new sites at this time to make sure you can access the URLs and would not be blocked at the time of redirects, currently scheduled for end of June. After then, please file support tickets if you encounter any issues on the new URL that were not present on the old one.

What actions do I need to take?

You need to make sure that the new URLs are not blocked by your network so that they will work when the redirect occurs. 

Here is the list of the new URLs that you need to make sure are not blocked by your network:

Existing Power Automate URLs


New Power Automate URLs (after redirection is enabled)






If you are a US Government customer:


If you are a customer in China: has a red warning banner on it. What does that mean?

This means that while you are still able to access the old site, we have proactively detected your network configuration (for example: firewalls) blocking the redirects to the new URLs and this is a signal that you will be blocked when automatic redirect starts late June. Please work with your admins to unblock/allow the new IP address listed above as soon as possible. After addressing the network configuration issues, please verify that you can access the new URLs successfully on the same browser that can access the old URLs successfully.