Seamlessly connect apps, data and processes across Dataverse environments

We’re excited to announce the public preview of a much-anticipated update to the Microsoft Dataverse connector in Power Automate. With the new ‘Environment’ parameter, you can use the Dataverse connector to seamlessly connect apps, data, and processes in different Power Platform environments.

Automate across Power Platform environments

A screenshot showing the Environment parameter and List rows from selected rows (preview) action.
The Environment parameter and List rows from selected rows (preview) action.

With this capability, cloud flows with the Dataverse connector can now be used for a wide range of integration and automation use cases including moving and linking data, working with data in-place from other apps and processes, and automating activities like provisioning, set-up, or clean-up steps across environments.

During the public preview, separate actions and triggers with names ending in selected environment (preview) are being introduced for use in new and existing cloud flows. The preview actions are available now, and the triggers and other improvements are planned to roll out in next several weeks. After the preview, Dataverse connector operations in existing flows will be automatically updated to include the Environment parameter. There’s no action needed from flow owners or changes to existing flow behavior as part of this update.

Connect to other environments dynamically

With the Environment parameter, you can select an environment to use for the operation, or specify the environment dynamically using an expression, environment variable, or dynamic content. To learn more about connecting to other environments and using the preview actions, visit the documentation.

Streamline cross-environment solution development

Before this update, cloud flows using the Dataverse connector needed to be deployed to the same Power Platform environment as the apps and data they were connecting to, and connecting to other environments was possible by falling back to the more limited set of actions and triggers in the Microsoft Dataverse (legacy) connector. While it’s recommended to use the Dataverse connector in the same environment for best performance, it’s no longer necessary to deploy the same flow to multiple environments or fall back to the legacy connector for cross-environment integrations.

Get started

To create a flow that connects to other environments, sign in to Power Automate and create a new cloud flow with the List rows from selected environments (preview) action or another action with a name ending in selected environments (preview). If you don’t have an environment with Dataverse as a data store, use the Environment selector at the top right to switch to one that does, or create a developer environment. Learn more from the documentation for connecting to other environments.

This update is for the Microsoft Dataverse connector in Power Automate. In Power Apps, you can build canvas apps with tables from other environments through the Change environment option.

Additional improvements to the Dataverse connector are arriving soon, including triggering flows from activity in other environments, the When a row is selected trigger, and an updated migration assistant for updating flows from the legacy Dataverse connectors. For the latest on the deprecation of the Microsoft Dataverse (legacy) connector, please see the deprecation announcement.

We look forward to your feedback on these enhancements to the Dataverse connector and others that you’d like to see. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the Power Automate community and Ideas forum.